Nutrition or Weight Management

Healthy eating and weight management are two critical components of a healthy lifestyle. CWRU is committed to providing a variety of informative, evidence-based, and enjoyable options to help you attain your goals.‌‌

Why is this important?‌

Attaining and/or maintaining appropriate weight is suggested for general health and well-being. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends assessing weight and health risks.

Appropriate weight for height may be determined by using an online BMI calculator.

Unhealthy eating is related to many of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Use of websites such as the USDA Dietary Guidelines for America and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute's guidelines on Lowering your Blood Pressure with the DASH diet may be helpful.

Nutrition 101

In this new 8 week series, Bionutrition researcher Alicia Thomas, will discuss a broad range of nutrition topics from general discussion of nutrients to popular diets like the Mediterranean and Plant-Based. 

Weekly Topics:

  1. Nutrition 101: Dietary Guidelines - Watch the recording!
  2. Healthy Habits for Better Lives - Watch the recording!
  3. Heart Healthy Eating: Fiber, Fat, Sugar and Sodium - Watch the recording!
  4. Healthy Eating Part 1: The Mediterranean Diet - Watch the recording!
  5. Healthy Eating Part 2: Plant Based Diets - Watch the recording!
  6. Shopping Savior-Faire Part 1: Food Labels - 10/30
  7. Shopping Savior-Faire: Part 2: (Virtual) Grocery Store Trip - 11/6
  8. Nutrition Trends, Fads and Hot Topics - 11/13

Nutrition 101
Fridays at Noon
September 25 to November 13

NEW!!! Forever Fit (Weight Loss)

FOREVER FIT is a weight loss and wellness series that focuses on building foundational habits for health. Presented by Functional and Integrative Medicine dietitian Lindsay Malone.

Weekly Topics"

1. Utilizing the vision method and preparing to succeed with SMART goals.
2. Harnessing the power of support and accountability to reach your goals faster.
3.Flexibility through keeping tabs. Utilizing food tracking and the 80/20 rule.
4. Make room for magic. Setting up your day and week to make room for healthy new habits.
5. What to eat and how to eat better without thinking about it.
6. Planning, shopping, cooking - the essentials for a healthy and hearty kitchen.
7. Turn down fat storage and shrink your waist. How stress, lack of sleep and low fiber carbs contribute to weight and waist gain.
8. Turn up your fat burning and rev your metabolic engine with targeted exercise.

Forever Fit
Wednesday at Noon via Zoom
January 13 through March 3
Registration opens soon!

A User’s Guide to Functional Nutrition

In this popular class from the Wellness Program, CWRU Nutrition faculty and Registered Dietitian Lindsay Malone will enhance your knowledge of gut health, nutrient deficiencies, prevention of cognitive decline, food sensitivities, meal planning and more as it relates to your lifestyle and health goals. Food is medicine, nourishing our bodies and souls. Every bite is a new opportunity to feel healthier and happier.


  1. 7/6 - Introduction to Functional Nutrition: Learn about a leading-edge, evidence-based, systems biology approach to healthcare that focuses on identifying root causes to significantly improve health outcomes.  
  2. 7/13 - What in the World Do I Eat? A functional nutrition approach to stocking your grocery cart with foods that will love you back. Watch the recording!
  3. 7-20 - Inflammation 101: The anti-inflammatory lifestyle prescription. Strategies for extinguishing the flame fueling many chronic diseases. Watch the recording!
  4. 8/3 - Your Microbiome and You: Hippocrates believed “all diseases begin in the gut”. Discuss how your food choices and your environmental exposures can lead to good health or become the perfect storm for disease. Watch the recording!
  5. 8/10 - Functional Kitchen: Implement meal-planning strategies and learn simple cooking techniques to make delicious, nutritious meals. Watch the recording
  6. 8/17 - Preventing and Reversing Cognitive Decline: Does diet play a role in the modern treatment plan for cognitive decline?  Discuss research-based lifestyle interventions for preserving and restoring cognitive health. Watch the recording!
  7. 8/24 - Detoxification, More than a Trendy Term: We’re exposed daily to chemicals, harmful food additives, antibiotics and more. Learn how to select pure products from food to cleaning supplies, and be sure your body’s detoxification systems are running on all cylinders. Watch the recording!
  8. 8/31 - Functional Potluck: Put your new skills to work!  We’ll share a meal composed of “functional foods” over one last lecture. Watch the recording!

A User's Guide to Functional Nutrition
Took place Mondays July 6 through August 31, 2020


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SelfHelpWorks LivingLean and LivingWell

Current Online Programs

image of the words self help works

1. LivingLean

Our partners at SelfHelpWorks offer this 12 session on-line program designed to help you break your addiction to unhealthy foods so that you can lose weight or maintain your healthy weight.

Read more: LivingLean Weight Loss and Nutrition Program

To register, follow the prompts on the SelfHelpWorks page of this website.

2. LivingWell

Selfhelpworks also offers this 9 session diabetes program which will change the way you manage, think and feel about dealing with diabetes.

Read more: LivingWell Diabetes Management Program

To register, follow the prompts on the SelfHelpWorks page of this website.

Nutrition Counseling

CWRU EAP Provider Impact Solutions offers Nutrition Counselors for free to benefits-eligible faculty and staff.