Guided Imagery & Relaxation

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Imagery & Relaxation Exercises

Research documents the powerful effect of guided imagery, relaxation, and breathing exercises to reduce stress and to promote whole body well-being. Consider practicing the following exercises frequently to maintain daily balance. Your body and mind will be grateful!

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Guided Imagery


Cleansing & Clearing Breath

5 Minute Centering Breath

The Original Relax Line

Our Relax Line is still open for business. This line features some longer meditations for more involved practice. For best results, call from an on-campus phone 368-3999.

You are welcome to call the phone line, or use one of the links here.

For your meditation practice, we have included these Supportive Guidelines for Relax Line.

If you want to learn more about meditation, please review the Science and Benefits of Meditation.

Relax Line Meditations

  1. REFOCUS with this one minute breath focused meditation.
  2. REFRESH with this three minute meditation.
  3. REJUVENATE while WALKING for seven minutes.
  4. RENEW with this twelve minute ocean themed meditation.
  5. RESTORE with this fifteen minute nature based meditation.