Why Wellness?

CWRU Medical Director Elizabeth Click explains the importance of this initiative

headdshot of Elizabeth

Keeping people healthy and well is critical to the university’s success and makes a significant difference in peoples’ daily lives. When we feel well, it is generally easier to be productive at work, to be present at work more often, and to be healthier. In addition to those benefits, recent research has found a correlation between best practice wellness programs and corporate stock performance; greater job satisfaction; improved morale; and increased engagement. When we invest in our people and encourage wellness program participation, all of these outcomes are expected.

The cost of health care has increased steadily over the years and is likely to continue rising with national health spending comprising 19.9 percent of the GDP by 2025, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Many of the leading causes of death, illness and disability in the U.S. are due to modifiable and potentially avoidable behaviors.

As such, Case Western Reserve views implementation of a university-wide wellness program not as an option but a necessity. Our vision is focused on creating a culture of health and well-being throughout the university. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles which form a positive, successful, supportive, energetic and well workplace. Our data-driven approach has led to better health for many participants since 2014. New lifestyle behaviors have been adopted and positive changes in screening results and health measures have resulted.

Exciting wellness opportunities and incentives, for benefits eligible faculty and staff members, are available throughout the year. I encourage you to consider your current health and wellness needs and find a program that can help you maximize your health. Use today to take a step towards better health.  There is no time like now!

Healthy Wishes,
Elizabeth Click, DNP, ND, RN, CWP
Medical Director