Supervisor Wellness Toolkit

Encouraging excellent work should be the goal of all managers on the CWRU Campus. One proven tool supervisors have in their employee toolkit is the award winning CWRU Wellness Program. Program participation offers a cash incentive for those using one of the university’s medical plans. More importantly, taking part helps faculty and staff decrease stress, improve health, form bonds with others on campus, and generally feel good about CWRU as a place to work.

Check out our Supervisor's Guide to Wellness Programs:

CWRU Supervisor Toolkit


The Basics

Each fall, participants can enter the incentive program by completing a Health Risk Assessment and at least two of these three activities: tobacco attestation, PCP attestation and/or biometric screening. Wellness Participants are those who complete their three chosen activities and use one of the CWRU medical insurance plans. Those individuals will receive an additional $25 per month in their paycheck the following year. Additionally, those participants have the opportunity to earn $100-200 more by completing one or two of the multi-week series offered through the Wellness Program. Learn more on the “How to Participate” page of this website.

All benefits eligible faculty and staff are invited to participate in any of the Wellness programs, regardless of whether they are receiving the incentive. 

What you can do as a manager?

  1. Allow flexible schedules for your staff to attend series, most of which take place once a week for 8 weeks. Let your employees know in staff meetings or in one-on-one meetings that you support attendance. You may even consider adding “attend a Wellness stress management series” or similar to the annual objectives for your staff.
  2. Become a captain or join a team of participants in our annual online movement programs like Walktober.
  3. Register and attend a series or two yourself each year. It is much easier to describe Reflection Point or Meditation, for example, if you have had the experience of attending it yourself.
  4. Ask about the programs and services in which your staff are participating.
  5. Suggest that the most involved staff become Wellness Champions. These are people who help the Wellness team spread the word about our programming to others on campus.

The robust Wellness Website details how the program works and includes registration forms for upcoming classes. All faculty and staff are also welcome to receive our monthly newsletter by emailing and asking to be placed on the newsletter list. That's the best way to stay in the know about upcoming programs!