Survey Results

Wellness Surveys

Early in the Spring of 2019, we surveyed our Wellness Participants, those faculty and staff who use CWRU health insurance and who were currently receiving the $25 monthly incentive, and gained some important insights.

Below is a summary of the Participant responses:

  • 2,126 eligible faculty and staff completed the THREE activities in the fall of 2018 to be incentive eligible in 2019.
  • 593 completed the survey
  • 86% of the respondents would rate the CWRU Wellness Program as good or excellent
  • 86% said they would very likely or likely recommend the program to fellow faculty and staff
  • The monetary incentives ($25 monthly and the opportunity to earn $100-200 extra for completing multi-week programming) were the two favorite parts of the current program, with on-site class opportunities following closely behind.
  • When asked to share ideas on how to get more people involved in the program a few of the common responses were:
    • Sharing more success stories from participants
    • Offering more classes at more times.
    • Better support from supervisors and managers for employee well-being such as allowing flexibility to take classes during the workday
  • Participants reported that sedentary jobs and stressful work are the most significant health concern on campus. 
  • Adding programs in Health Coaching and Sleep were the most supported ideas if the Wellness Program were to add another incentive category to the current six.
  • Our engaging and talented on campus instructors scored high marks when participants were asked what they enjoyed the most.


Early in the Spring of 2019, we surveyed faculty and staff who chose not to participate in program activities.

Below is a summary of the Non-Participant responses:

  • A total of 1,298 benefits eligible faculty and staff were sent the survey
  • 198 completed the survey
  • 29% said the main reason for not participating was time constraints, another 22% had privacy or confidentiality concerns.
  • 65 of the respondents thought increasing the incentive amount ($300-500 annually) might induce them to participate
  • When asked for more ideas about increasing participation, some common answers were:
    • Making the three activities in the fall easier to complete
    • Email or other message when all three activities are successfully complete
    • There is nothing that would compel participation in the program