Health Risk Assessment

On average, it takes about 8-10 minutes to complete the HRA.

Stop by Crawford Hall Room 320 to use a computer. No appointment is necessary but you are welcome to call 216.368.6964.

Alternatively, you can access computers in the Kelvin Smith Library on campus.

The Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a free, confidential questionnaire about your diet, exercise, smoking, drinking and other lifestyle behaviors.

You will be given a report immediately upon completing your HRA. You can access those results on the site by simply logging back in.

If you complete your biometric screening after you have completed your HRA, your results may change based on those results. You are encouraged to log back in and review your results once the screening data is included.

Once you have completed the Health Risk Assessment, it can take two to three weeks for the university to receive confirmation. However, you will be credited with completing the assessment on the day you completed it.

You can verify that your participation has been received by going to PeopleSoft HCM and navigating to the Wellness Tile and clicking on the "Wellness Summary" tab on the left menu. These attestation forms are opened annually on April 1. 

On the top of the page you will see each of the three annual wellness activities listed. Once the box next to HRA is checked and a date has been entered on the adjacent line, you will know the university has confirmed your participation.