Stress Management


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Why is this important?

Stress is experienced by many people on a daily basis. The American Psychological Association and the National Institute of Mental Health describe numerous effects of stress on health, including physical health issues such as cardiovascular disease. While all stress is not bad, chronic stress may affect overall health negatively.  Learning how to manage the stressors that one experiences is important for good health.

Mental Health Matters

This 8-week series offers insight into a variety of mental health topics. Offered in partnership with Impact Solutions, these sessions are a terrific resource for individuals and managers. 

Please note, the days of the week vary for this 8-week series.

  1. Beyond Blue: Understanding Mental Illness – Watch the first session!
  2. We're Not Good at Stress, but We Can Get Better – Watch the recording!
  3. Shedding Light on Depression, Anxiety & Recovery – Watch the recording!
  4. Understanding Trauma and PTSD – View the recording!
  5. The Disease of Addiction: Taking a Closer Look at Opiates - Watch this session!
  6. Healthy Relationships – Tuesday, May 11, Noon
  7. Improving Your Relationship with Food – Tuesday, May 18th, Noon
  8. Mindful Online – Wednesday, May 26th, Noon

Mental Health Matters
Weekly at Noon (note that sessions are on different days of the week)
April 7 through May 26

Mindfulness 1.0

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention in the present moment, on purpose and without judgment. Through the use of formal and informal practices we can train our minds and bodies in this kind of awareness.

During this 8 week class, along with your weekly practice, you may notice:
• Reduced blood pressure
• Decreased anxiety
• Increased ability to pay attention
• Increased feelings of well-being
• Increased ability to regulate emotion

Wednesdays at 12:30 PM
May 19 through July 7
Please register!

E.A.S.E. Into Peace of Mind

Being in the present is easy when it feels good - when it soothes our souls and delights our hearts. Unsettling times such as these, times of heightened struggle, angst, sorrow... make being in the present a lot more difficult. And, yet, being here - moment by moment - is more important and useful than ever. Join Heidi Weiker for a practice-based, methods-centric series of sessions on E.A.S.E-ing your body, mind and heart into the present. Each session includes: Engaging in quick, yet powerful movements to release tension and de-stress; Activating deep breathing with guided practices designed to cultivate peace and comfort in our present day; Savoring our moments at hand to free our minds from the past and the future; and Elevating our hearts and spirits with proven uplifting methods for restoration and renewal.  

E.A.S.E Into Peace of Mind
Tuesdays at Noon
March 16 through June 1

Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness: Meditations on the Heart

Heart-centered meditations are among the most powerful for cultivating positive emotions and deep peace. Certified Yoga Therapist & Meditation Instructor Dawn Miller will lead this 8-week series that combines education and meditation practice on gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness. Results from recent mind-body research on heart-centered practices will be integrated into the course. Each class includes simple seated and standing stretches along with breathing techniques for relaxation to prepare the mind, body and heart for meditation.

Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness
Mondays at 12:30 PM
March 22 through May 10
Try the seventh class in the series!

Meditation 1.0 (Fundamentals of Meditation)

If you’re new to meditation or want to refresh your practice, join us for this 8-week class in the fundamentals of meditation. Benefits of a consistent meditation practice include improved sleep, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress response. This series will include discussions of research on meditation and neuroscience along with practical tips for starting and sustaining your practice. Participants will learn and practice multiple approaches to meditating including mantra, affirmation, mindful awareness, and loving kindness.

Mondays at 12:30 PM
January 11 through March 8 (no meeting 1/18)
Watch the week 8 recording!

Stress Management & Resilience Training (S.M.A.R.T.)

colleagues talking

Learn how to effectively manage stress and improve your overall health and well-being with Stress Management and Resilience Training (S.M.A.R.T.), an 8-week interactive workshop series created by University Hospitals' Connor Integrative Health Network.

SMART took place February 11 to April 1, 2021.

NEW! Mindful Movement

Mindful movement is a gentle, accessible approach to yoga that encourages people to tune into what they are feeling as they move and make choices based on their present moment embodied experience.  In this four week series, options are presented and there is no priority placed on stretching more or holding positions for a longer period of time. 

In mindful movement, practitioners are invited to link movement with breath if they find that useful.  Basic seated, standing, and supine poses will be presented and variations on each pose will be offered to accommodate the uniqueness of each person's relationship with their body.  Each week, the practice will conclude with a 10-minute period of meditation and relaxation, which will include options for people who prefer to continue with movement rather than physical stillness.  

Mindful Movement
Took place February 18 through March 12
Try the final session in the series.

Release, Relax and Reach 

Join Heidi Weiker for Release, Relax and Reach TM  a program designed to help you do just that. Participants will discover a brighter and healthier sense of self and well-being.

Each week the class will cover a method/practice for Releasing, Relaxing and Reaching.  You will play with re-booting and regenerating, rewiring and remembering, and renewing and reconnecting with what matters. You will share stories, ideas and brainstorm solutions. And you will have the opportunity to create your own authentic and very personalized best practices for the stress and struggles in your life.

Move beyond surviving to thriving with this 8-week class.

Release, Relax and Reach TM 
Tuesdays at Noon
January 12 through March 2

Building Connection and Communication in the Midst of Stress

Wouldn't it be great to be able to better manage stress in your relationships at work and at home? Learn new and transformative ways to improve response versus reaction, diplomacy and respect, verbal and non verbal communication, and more.

In class you will practice using tools for better success.

Building Connection and Communication
Returning in the Spring of 2021

NEW! The Work Happiness Method TM

In the 8-week series, offered by Stella Grizont, world-renowned positive psychology expert, executive coach and speaker, will include weekly live training sessions, pre and post series assessments, weekly cheat-sheets, access to the recordings, and gentle email and text reminders to help participants stay on track.

Can't wait for Stella's class? Check out her free workbook! (You will have to sign up using your email address.)

Weekly Session Topics:

Resilience // How to Master Your Mind and Mood
Clarity // How to Create Your Career Vision, Here and Now
Purpose // How to Make Conscious Decisions Everyday That Align With Your Values
Healthy Boundaries // How to Manage Your Time and Relationships With Resilience So You Can Prevent Burnout
Courage // How to Ask For What You Need
Validation // How to Get the Recognition You Deserve
Play // How to Deal With Fear and Uncertainty
Focus // How to Set Prioritize, and Stick With Your Goals

The Work Happiness MethodTM
Look for a new series in 2021

SelfHelpWorks Stress and Resilience Training

ON-LINE Stress Management

image of the words self help works

SelfHelpWorks LivingEasy program is a multi-session class which will change the way you think, feel and react to stressful situations.

Read more: LivingEasy Stress & Resiliency Program

To register, follow the prompts on the SelfHelpWorks page of this website.

Individual Counseling through Impact Solutions

All benefits eligible faculty and staff and their families can receive up to five free counseling sessions per occurrence for a variety of issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Work/life balance
  • Marital stress
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • and more

Contact Impact Solutions at 1-800-227-6007 to request your first session.

Please note that this service covers benefits eligible CWRU faculty and staff, spouses/partners, household members, dependents living in and away from home, even parents and parents-in-law.