Stress Management

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Participating in an on-site or off-site stress management, meditation, or other relaxation program (multi-week program, attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8 weeks) is necessary to be eligible for this incentive. You must complete an attestation form in HCM by Nov. 30 to earn the incentive.

Why is this important?

Stress is experienced by many people on a daily basis. The American Psychological Association and the National Institute of Mental Health describe numerous effects of stress on health, including physical health issues such as cardiovascular disease. While all stress is not bad, chronic stress may affect overall health negatively.  Learning how to manage the stressors that one experiences is important for good health.

NEW! Attentional Fitness: Sneaking Mindful Habits into Real Life

Physical exercises strengthen the body. Mindfulness exercises strengthen attention. Learn how exercising your attention – with or without meditation – can develop attentional capacities for relating more effectively to the challenges of daily life. Join Daron Larson as he shares how to develop attentional skills without drawing attention to yourself. This new 8-week series will explore flexible ways to turn mindfulness practice into a secret mission.

Participants will:

  • Learn about mindfulness as a practical, customizable, evidence-based way to develop empowering attention skills
  • Discuss ways our default attention habits can undermine personal and professional satisfaction, increase internal friction, and escalate conflicts
  • Discover how small attentional habits, explored discreetly lead to increased satisfaction, decreased internal friction, and empathy

Wednesdays, January 17 - March 6, 12:30-1:30 pm via Zoom

Session 1 Recording

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Session 5 Recording

Session 6 Recording

NEW! Building Inner Resilience: Navigating Modern-Day Stress

Worldwide, the experts agree: today’s stress is a growing "public health crisis" (WHO, CDC, NIH). Stressed-out – tired but wired – is our rampant norm, and it is wreaking havoc on all aspects of our well-being. No one is immune. That said, it needn't be this way; there is a better way! Come and find out about how to feel better and be better.

Join Heidi Weiker for an engaging, fun, and impactful series that is not just another canned ‘stress-management’ class telling you what you already know – this is real-world, hands-on, and real-time. It’s jam-packed with relevant science, contemporary theory, and quick, yet powerful and proven, practices. Together, we’ll dialogue, share, practice, and enjoy moving out of unrelenting distress; breathing into relaxed, calm, peaceful, and focused energy; building greater positivity; and attuning to and affirming our inner strengths. 

Wednesdays, January 24 - March 13, 12-1 pm via Zoom

Session 1 Recording

Session 2 Recording

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Session 4 Recording

Session 5 Recording

Seasons of Self-Care 2024

This four-part, year-long program offers an invitation to explore the year through a delightful set of seasonal signals focused on self-care. Engage in the most powerful antidote to burn-out, compassion fatigue, and mounting distress. Experience practices and methods that are timeless, yet contemporary. Be guided by your natural connection to the purpose, wisdom, and rhythms of nature, as you create your own set of seasonal reflections and practices.

Participants are encouraged to engage in all four parts of this program, but there is no requirement to do so. 

Seasons of Self-Care - Part 1: Winter

Engage in this season of reconnection and restoration with Heidi Weiker, our program facilitator. Discover your body and brain's natural need to experience a stillness inside that builds deeper resilience. As we move inside during the cold, move inside of yourself by placing your attention onto your own 'winter' of well-being. Give yourself permission to align with the natural purpose of winter: rest, repair, and ready yourself for the spring of the year.

Tuesdays, January 23 - February 20, 12-1 pm via Zoom

Session 1 Recording

Session 2 Recording

Session 3 Recording

Session 4 Recording

Session 5 Recording

Part 2: Spring

Engage in this delightful season of reawakening with your program instructor, Heidi Weiker. Over Winter, we rested and readied ourselves for this: the Spring of our well-being. Now, we'll continue to learn and use self-care practices in sync with the changing of our natural world. Together, let's revitalize, renew, reset, and come alive! 

Tuesdays, April 30 - May 21, from 12-1 pm. This round of Seasons will be offered in a hybrid format, meaning participants can choose to attend in person at the Tinkham Veale University or via Zoom. Please use the links below to register for your preferred delivery format. 

Register for Seasons In-Person

Register for Seasons via Zoom 

Part 3: Summer

Engage in the season that invites us to celebrate life in rhythm with the outdoors with your instructor, Heidi Weiker. We shared a Winter of sacred rest and a Spring of gentle reawakening. Now, nature calls us to the outside so that we can expand our self-care practices ‘under the summer sky.’ Be inspired: to realize the natural light in and of all imperfection; to reclaim (or claim for the very first time) the exuberance, lightness, and playfulness of our summer days and nights; and to regenerate and radiate a sense of awe and hope. 

Session dates and registration coming soon. 

Part 4: Fall

Engage in a season during which we honor the timeless turning of nature, and thus within ourselves: fall. Join Heidi Weiker in this chapter of our self-care journey. We'll reflect on and contemplate the beauty of impermanence in all things. We'll deepen our respect for the interconnection of grief and gratefulness. We'll honor the natural falling away while we enjoy the comfort and repose of fall. This round includes a fifth session to wrap up the entire year of Seasons.

Session dates and registration coming soon. 

The Work Happiness MethodTM

Join Positive Psychology expert, Stella Grizont, for this 8-week series to learn how to be happier and more satisfied at work. Stella's evidence-based, energetic, and supportive approach has helped many individuals identify a clear vision for their professional path and make a plan to move forward. This program will include weekly live training sessions, pre and post series assessments, weekly worksheets, access to class recordings and gentle email and text reminders to help participants stay on track.

Learn more about this program via this brief video.

Look for this program and more with Stella in 2024 in our new Career Well-being incentive category!

E.A.S.E. Into Peace of Mind

Let's E.A.S.E. into the moments at hand with this practice-based, methods-centric program. Join Heidi Weiker for a 12-week series designed to harmonize our bodies, minds and hearts in order to be more fully present. Throughout the sessions, we'll: 

  • Engage in quick, high-impact movement to dump distress and expand relaxation;
  • Activate breathing more deeply to cultivate calm and focused energy;
  • Savor moments and experiences to create peace and comfort; and
  • Elevate to lift us up in delight, strengths, and joy.

Come find out how much moments matter in our lives as we E.A.S.E into them together.

This program will return in 2024.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a 9-session series focusing on various topics surrounding mental health, from managing personal challenges to helping your team thrive. This series is presented in partnership with Impact Solutions and Courage to Caregivers.

Look for this program again in 2024.

Building Connection and Communication

Wouldn't it be great to be able to better manage stress in your relationships at work and at home? Learn new and transformative ways to improve response versus reaction, diplomacy and respect, verbal and non-verbal communication, and more. Join Heidi Weiker as she helps you to practice these tools for better success in your relationships.

Look for this series again in 2024. 

Release, Relax and Reach 

Join Heidi Weiker for Release, Relax and ReachTM  a program designed to help you do just that. Participants will discover a brighter and healthier sense of self and well-being.

Each week the class will cover a method/practice for Releasing, Relaxing and Reaching.  You will play with re-booting and regenerating, rewiring and remembering, and renewing and reconnecting with what matters. You will share stories, ideas and brainstorm solutions. And you will have the opportunity to create your own authentic and very personalized best practices for the stress and struggles in your life.

Move beyond surviving to thriving with this 8-week class.

This series will return in 2024.

Positively Powerful

We each have the power to create our best lives through positive intentions. Join this 8-week series, packed with powerful tools and strategies, to enhance your daily life. Each week, faculty and staff will learn about a new technique and perspective on optimism and positivity. 

Look for this program again in 2024.

Introduction to Meditation

If you’re new to meditation or want to refresh your practice, join us for this 4-week class in the fundamentals of meditation. In this short course you will learn about different styles of meditation and their benefits. You will get a chance to practice several styles in class, and gain resources for supporting you in creating a regular practice of your own. 

This series will return in 2024.

Avidon Health (previously SelfHelpWorks) Stress and Resiliency Training

Online Stress Management

Avidon Health's LivingEasy program is a multi-session class which will change the way you think, feel and react to stressful situations.

Read more: LivingEasy Stress & Resiliency Program

To register, follow the prompts on the Avidon Health page of this website.

Individual Counseling through Impact Solutions

All benefits eligible faculty and staff and their families can receive up to five free counseling sessions per occurrence for a variety of issues including:

  • Anxiety
  • Work/life balance
  • Marital stress
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse
  • and more

Contact Impact Solutions at 1-800-227-6007 to request your first session.

Please note that this service covers benefits eligible CWRU faculty and staff, spouses/partners, household members, dependents living in and away from home, even parents and parents-in-law.