School of Nursing to host CWRU Climate and Health Education Summit

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2024 Climate and Health Education Summit

Dates: March 14-15, 2024

Lunch and networking begin at noon on March 14

Breakfast and networking begin at 8 a.m. on March 15

Full schedule of event can be found at the 2024 Summit webpage.

Location: Health Education Campus

The summit will assemble health education leaders and future leaders to develop strategies and actions to incorporate climate health impacts into both health education and health delivery system to help improve care of patients.

At the summit, the Case Western Reserve University Climate and Health Education Collaborative will educate, share best practices, and inform opportunities to improve climate health education in our academic health center and health delivery systems

There are a  number of innovative workshops related to the theme areas to teach the participants strategies to include climate change concepts in the curriculum.

There is also a digital poster session where the presenters will present their posters.

The collaborative is part of the Office of Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Education and Research.

Main Themes

Education, Advocacy, Community

Nursing Session Highlight

Education panel, scheduled for 2-3 p.m.

This plenary will include 2 medical students from the University Program and the Leaner College at CWRU School Of Medicine, along with Celeste Alfes from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, who has extensive experience in curriculum development and evaluation. The panelists will briefly share their experiences in developing and integrating climate change curriculum in health education followed by a discussion on how to improve climate health education in the regional academic health centers and health delivery systems.


  1. Develop a critical understanding of climate change and its effects on health
  2. Identify opportunities to integrate climate health into a health education curriculum.
  3. Discuss strategies for individuals to work as change agents in climate health education.


  • Celeste M. Alfes, DNP, MSN, MBA, RN, CNE, CHSE-A, FAAN, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, CWRU
  • Janine Corley , MS3, BS,  CWRU School of Medicine
  • James Sullivan, MS5, BA,  Learner College of Medicine CWRU SOM, medical fellow at the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education
  • Karen B. Mulloy, DO MSCH, CWRU School of Medicine

Who should attend?

Health education leaders, trainees and students from the region interested in addressing the health effects of climate change to improve the health of patients and communities. We welcome attendees with any level of experience in climate and health education and clinical care.

Register through Eventbrite.

The summit will be underwritten by the collaborative with a cost of $100 to attend and no cost for students.

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