PhD NURS 615 Seminar Courses

PhD Topical Seminar Courses

As part of PhD in nursing coursework, it is recommended that PhD nursing students take two topical seminar courses (NURS 615) that are related to their area of research. However, it is required that all PhD nursing students take one topical seminar during their program of study.

The topics for NURS 615 change each semester, and students may elect to take a topical seminar at any time during their program of study. Graduate students from other disciplines often participate in these courses, making them an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

NURS 615 Course Description

Topical Seminar in Health Science Research.

This PhD course is designed to provide in­-depth knowledge of research issues in a given content area. Opportunities are provided to apply knowledge for further development of the student’s research interests and ideas. An in-­depth examination of selected theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of research related to health science will be emphasized. Interrelationships among theory, research, and knowledge from nursing and related disciplines will be explored.

NURS 615 offerings (tentative)

  • Fall 2022: Anti-Racism and Social Determinants of Health
  • Spring 2023: Advances in Technology
  • Summer 2023: Precision Health