PhD Student Testimonials

Introducing the 2022 PhD program students at Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

Heba AlDossary in headscarf smiling and leaning against column

Name: Heba AlDossary
Credentials: Phd student, MSN, RN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Family Caregiving for Patients with Heart Failure
Home: Saudi Arabia
Why did you choose CWRU?: The School of Nursing is a recognized leader in nursing education and is committed to innovation through research. It will offer me the opportunity to become prepared as a university professor, and as a person who wants to make a change in their selected area of expertise by allowing me to learn from the nation’s top nurse scientists, thus giving me the opportunity to help shape the health care system of the future.

Rayhanah R Almutairi smiling wearing headscarf

Name: Rayhanah R Almutairi
Credentials: MSN, AGPCNP-BC
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Family caregivers
Home: Saudi Arabia
Why did you choose CWRU?: I wanted to attend CWRU due to the wealth of knowledge in health care compared to the other schools. Also, I had a positive experience at CWRU during my master’s degree. 

Hind AlSabti outside in headscarf

Name: Hind AlSabti
Credentials: RN, MSN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Toxic stress in preterm infants
Home: Avon Lake, Ohio
Why did you choose CWRU?: Excellence in research.

Beth Armentrout, wearing green and black, inside a bright atrium

Name: Beth Armentrout
Credentials: BSN, CCRN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Molecular Biomarkers in Neurological Illness
Home: Columbus, OH
Why did you choose CWRU?: Grant O'Connell and his lab course.

Zea Bud wearing navy suit and red blouse

Name: Zea Bud
Credentials: RN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Drug Development and Biomarkers in Traumatic Brain Injury
Home: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Why did you choose CWRU?: During my time in the School of Nursing undergraduate program, I worked in Andrew Pieper's lab and loved his work and researchers. The nursing school was the perfect fit to stay in Pieper's lab and continue my education in the nursing department with professors I have admired and learned so much from.

Megan Foradori in pink blouse smiling outside

Name: Megan Foradori
Credentials: RN, MSN, PhD(c)
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Early identification and treatment of babies and toddlers with developmental delays
Home: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Why did you choose CWRU?: We moved back to northeast Ohio five years ago to be near our families, and the nursing school had the best PhD program in the area. 

Jorden Rieke smiling, leaning against building outside

Name: Jorden Rieke
Credentials: BSN, RN, CCRN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Type One Diabetes Self-Management
Home: Olmsted Falls, OH
Why did you choose CWRU?: I graduated from the School of Nursing with a BSN in 2018 and wanted to work full-time for a little before starting graduate school. I liked the BSN to PhD option and the flexibility to work through a semester of coursework as a non-degree student, while working at the bedside full-time. 

Suebsarn Ruksakulpiwat in lab coat and tie smiling against stone wall

Name: Suebsarn Ruksakulpiwat
Credentials: RN, MMed, PhD Student
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Using the Self-Regulation Model to understand factors influencing medication adherence among older adults living with hypertension in the United States utilizing the Health and Retirement Study data.
Home: Thailand
Why did you choose CWRU?: The nursing school is globally recognized for its leadership in nursing, education, and research. Moreover, the faculty's expertise that matches my interest can help me to fulfill my research goal.

Hangying She wearing blue and white flannel smiling outside

Name: Hangying She
Credentials: BSN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Differences in mental health between the Adult Family Caregiver from the single child family and the multi-children family.
Home: China
Why did you choose CWRU?: High reputation, friend recommends.

Name: Wafa Al Jabri
Credentials: BSN, MSN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Family Quality of Life in Families of Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Oman
Home: Oman
Why did you choose CWRU?: It has the best nursing program, good publication records, and great research facilities.

Name: Siqian Wang
Credentials: MSN, RN
Research Interest/Dissertation Topic: Cancer survivorship, cancer symptom, health-related quality of life, minority population.
Home: Tennessee 
Why did you choose CWRU?: High-ranked and resourceful nursing program. Student-centered and individualized study plan.