Gerontology 498

Offered: Spring 2021


  • 3 Credit Hours
  • Limited to 15  participants

Description of Course

GERO 498. Seminar in Gerontological Studies. 3 Units.

Major themes in gerontology. Seminar members choose a problem area, explore the relevant literature from a multi-disciplinary perspective, and develop a research project using knowledge gained through community observation and library exploration. 

GERO 498 is required for the UCAH post baccalaureate Certificate in Gerontology; in addition students can take this as an elective course for their major without enrolling in Certificate in Gerontology Program.

Course Registration

CWRU Students: Register through SIS

Non-degree Students: Contact Christine Borkan, FPB Registrar, at or 216.368.2183

  Module Date Content Focuse
Week 1 January Overview of the UCAH and Course.
General Introduction and review of learning objectives.
Week 2 January Functioning in Older Age (Debunking Myths)
Week 3 February Aging in Place
Week 4 February Psychosocial Theories
Week 5 February Oral Health in Older Adults
Week 6 February Healthcare Quality and Safety
Week 7 March Policy making an Older Adults
Week 8 March Spring Break
Week 9 March Aging and Geriatric Mental Health:
• Depression, delirium, dementia
• Cognition
Week 10 March Health Disparities and Chronic Illness:
Focus - Hypertension in Older Adults
Week 11 April Program for All Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE)
Week 12 April  
Week 13 April  
Week 14 April Student Presentations
Week 15 April Student Presentation
Discussion of The Mature Mind by Cohen