Katie Skapin

Instructional Technologist
Teaching and Learning Technologies

As an instructional technologist, I provide training and support to the CWRU community, covering technologies like Canvas, Echo360, and Google Apps. I help users learn how to use our services to improve their experience inside and outside of the classroom. As part of my duties, I also help maintain systems to ensure we have the most up-to-date and functional services.

I started off my career at CWRU as a student, majoring in Organizational Design/Behavior with minors in Accounting and Japanese. I started with our old organization, Information Technology Services (ITS), in my second month of school, kept doing great work, and was graciously offered a position upon graduation. The rest, as they say, is history!

The flexibility I have to be creative when troubleshooting problems is one of my favorite things about my job here at CWRU. I love developing inventive solutions, learning new things, and sharing my results with others. The creative energy at CWRU is inspiring and I relish the innovation that comes from our faculty and students!

When not at work, I enjoy picking out my next manicure color and relaxing at home. I’m also an avid fan of all things spooky and related to Halloween.