TLT Services

We work together with our partners in the Kelvin Smith Library, the University Center for Innovation in Teaching and Education (UCITE), the Baker Nord Center for the Humanities, think[box], and other support staff on campus to provide faculty and students with the resources needed to maximize teaching and learning experiences at Case Western Reserve University.

From answering your questions about technologies, to assistance in developing teaching resources & rethinking your syllabus, to creating active learning environments in face-to-face, blended learning, and online courses, we are eager to help you!

We are here to help the campus community:

  • Learn to use our technologies (link to our technologies), from the most basic how-to instruction to customized solutions
  • Solve any challenges using technologies in teaching and learning
  • Design and redesign courses using active learning techniques and technologies
  • Partner with faculty to evaluate their use of technology and help them develop innovative solutions
  • Provide training to students in classes using our technologies

Our UTech Academic Technologies team has expertise in:

  • Providing face to face and online training to individuals, classes, and departments
  • Developing innovative solutions using technologies in teaching and learning
  • Designing face to face, blended and online courses
  • Creating reusable learning objects
  • Consulting with faculty on rethinking their courses both in terms of pedagogy and in using technology effectively
  • Managing instructional design projects
  • Assessment of learning and academic technologies

Course & Instructional Design

The Academic Technologies team works with instructors to create, redesign, or adapt courses that accomplish course goals as defined by the instructor.  Our team is composed of several Instructional Designers who not only specialize in creating efficient, effective, and engaging course experiences, but are well-versed on pedagogical principles. 

Innovation in Teaching

Innovation begins in the classroom and we can help you explore options to enhance your classes, both inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you want to try something bold like flipping the classroom or something smaller like adding group work to your class, we can help you try something new with our creative ideas and passion for change. Read more about one of our ongoing innovations, the Active Learning Initiative.

Online Learning

Online Degree Programs and iThink Online

The iThink Online and Innovative Learning group is dedicated to supporting online learning at Case Western Reserve University. We actively support the online master's degree programs available through the Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and through the Case School of Engineering. Receive a world-class education without having to leave the comfort of your home!

Learn More about Our Online Degree Offerings


MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, enable learners from around the world to come together and access world-class education at no cost.

Learn More about CWRU's MOOCs

Technology Support and Training

Looking to learn about a technology offered at CWRU? From basic usage questions to best practices, innovative ideas to tips & tricks, the Academic Technologies team can assist in getting you started with the below technologies.

Audience Response Solutions

Whether you want to add an interactive component to your lectures or simply take attendance, clickers can help engage your students. We support several varieties of audience response devices and can assist with using them in your classroom.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an online conferencing tool that can be used to connect distance learning classes, bring-in special guests, or hold online office hours.
Learn More About Adobe Connect


Canvas has been chosen to replace Blackboard as the University's LMS. Canvas lets instructors share content with students via online course sites and creates a place for collaboration and communication
Learn More About Canvas

Google Apps

Google Apps offer flexible tools to help you connect and collaborate with others, store information in the cloud, and be more productive on the web. As a Google Apps for Education partner, CWRU has access to 30+ Google Apps!
Learn More About Google Apps

MediaVision Courseware

MediaVision Courseware enables students to watch video of previous lectures or review sessions online. Students can access course recordings through their class site on Canvas and have the option of viewing the videos on mobile devices.
Learn More About MediaVision Courseware

Second Life

Second Life is an online virtual world that can bring interactive simulations and role-playing into the classroom. CWRU owns a private island for the exclusive use of the campus community, but is also part of the larger ClevelandPlus group for community involvement in the Greater Cleveland area.
Learn More About Second Life

Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TECs) are available in classrooms at CWRU. TECs provide the tools you need to give lectures and student presentations, to display multimedia and web-enabled information, and to access tools and resources available beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom.
Learn More About Technology Enhanced Classrooms

Video And Screencasting

Whether you wish to create screen captures, videos for your flipped classroom, or custom content, the Academic Technologies team can help!
Learn More Video and Screencasting