Building a Plan

How to Build a Business Continuity Plan

When building a business continuity plan, provide as much information as possible in each of the fields. While some fields may be left blank, those denoted with an asterisk (*) must be completed.

For clarification on what kind of information you should add to your plan, consult the Guidance area in the right sidebar of each page. Click the Save button at the bottom of each page frequently to ensure your progress is retained.

Use your department’s Business Impact Analysis (BIA) as a reference tool for building your continuity plan.

To begin building a business continuity plan:

  1. Go to Click Sign in.
    Screenshot of CWRU Ready portal screen with Sign in button highlighted
  2. Enter the email address and password registered with CWRU Ready. Click Sign in.
    Screenshot of Cwru Ready Log in Screen with the Sign In button highlighted
  3. Click the pencil icon adjacent to the plan you wish to build or edit.
    Screenshot of Plans Screen with one plan's line highlighted and the pencil icon circled in red
  4. Click a section link in the left navigation menu to access a different part of your plan.
    Screenshot of Plan Screen with Department Information tab highlighted