Manage Plans

How to Administer Plans In-Progress

You may need to print, restrict, update or otherwise administer your department’s business continuity plan. You may perform these actions by clicking items beneath “Plan - In Progress” in the left navigation menu. The administrative functions include:

  • View or print plan: Display your business continuity plan in a format that is easy to print and read.
  • Download documents: Download documents that have been uploaded for your department’s business continuity plan.
  • Action items summary: Review or add Action Items for your department’s plan. See Defining Action Items for more information on providing Action Items.
  • Manage plan access: Control access to your department’s continuity plan by adding users and assigning roles on this screen. Roles in CWRU Ready are:
    • Plan Managers: Managers use this screen to control plan access. The creator of the plan is automatically a Manager. Once granted, a person's access permissions remain valid until removed or changed via this screen. Managers can add other Managers and edit the plan.
    • Plan Editors: Users assigned the Plan Editor role can edit and view the plan, but cannot manage access for other users. Editors do not have access to this screen.
    • Plan Viewers: Users assigned the Plan Viewer role can view, but not edit the plan. Viewers do not have access to this screen.
  • Update plan status: Indicate if your plan is Complete, In Review or Current. New plans are set to In Progress by default.
  • Plan contacts: Manage the contact information for those who can answer questions about your department’s plan.