Key Resources

How to Identify Key People and Resources

The Key Resources section asks you to identify the most necessary people and resources required to sustain your Critical Functions during adverse events. Departments at Case Western Reserve should complete these sections to the best of their ability, and then attach any additional, relevant information to the Document page. For example, employee contact lists may be attached to the Document page; however, the person responsible for maintaining that list should be indicated on the Key Resources page.

The Key Resources sections can be completed out of order, but each must be completed. You may switch between sections using the left navigation menu. The sections are:

  • Staff basics: Identify who holds key information, such as contact lists, website editing rights and passwords.
  • Key people: List the staff who you would call upon first in a time of crisis. These are the people who have the experience, skills or authority to help "sort things out" and plan the next steps.
  • Work from home: Many employees have jobs that could be done entirely or partially from home. List the names of faculty and staff who could do at least part of their work from home if they had adequate computers and high-speed internet access.
  • Skills: Indicate the skills needed to perform your department's critical functions.
  • Staffing requirements: Identify how many and what types of staff in your department might be available to assist elsewhere.
  • Staff of other units: Identify the most important people from other university departments whom your staff will need to contact within the first few hours or days after a disruptive event.
  • Stakeholders: List the other people that your staff may need to contact after a disruptive event. This includes vendors, clients, project partners and donors.
  • Documents: Upload the key documents you have identified for all of your department’s critical functions.
  • Equipment and supplies: Indicate the minimum equipment employees need to perform your department’s Critical Functions.
  • Facilities and Transportation: List the special space, facilities, utilities, transportation and other resources needed to perform your department’s Critical Functions.

After providing information for each section, be sure to click the Save button, if present, at the bottom of the page. For more information on completing these sections, review the Guidance area in the right sidebar of each Key Resources page.