MyApps Setup - Mac

Use the following steps to set up Citrix Workspace to connect to your streamed applications. The key URL to use is, from a web browser, or optionally from the Workspace App.

  1. Visit the Citrix Workspace site
  2. Click "Download for Mac"
  3. Once downloaded, double click "CitrixWorkspaceApp.dmg" from your download location
  4. Double click "Install Citrix Workspace"
  5. Click "Continue" to begin installation
    Citrix Workspace Mac Install Screen
  6. On the Introduction screen click "Continue"
    Citrix Workspace Mac Intro Screen
  7. Review the License Agreement then click "Continue"
    Citrix Workspace Mac License Screen
    1. If asked, click "Agree" to the license agreement
      Citrix Workspace Mac License Continue Screen
  8. Verify the installation location on your Mac and click "Install"
    Citrix Workspace Mac Install Location Screen
  9. When complete, select the checkbox "Add Account" and click continue
    Citrix Workspace Mac Add Account Screen
  10. Your installation is successful. Click "Close".
    Citrix Workspace Mac Install Successful Screen
  1. Using your web browser, visit
  2. Log in with your CWRU network ID (i.e. abc123) and passphrase
  3. Use Duo Security to complete the log in process
    1. If not previously done, setup your device with Duo Security two-factor authentication
  4. Click on "Detect Receiver" to determine if Citrix Workspace was previously installed on your system
    Citrix Workspace App Detection dialogue box with Detect Receiver button highlighted

Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to "Detect Receiver" or use the light version. If you were unable to install Citrix Workspace App, you can use the light version to run apps and desktops in a tab of your browser.