MyApps Storage

Saving or Retrieving Files Outside of MyApps Environment

Use Google Drive or Box for storing or retrieving files needed in the MyApps environment. Those can be accessed using one of the web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge) available in the Windows virtual desktop.

Saving or Retrieving Files Within MyApps Environment

You have personal storage space within MyApps through the H Drive.

If you're not familiar with the Windows storage system, each storage area is given a letter name, such as A, C, or Z. Typically your devices hard drive is labeled as "C". An external flash drive may be assigned the label "D". Within MyApps you may store files in the drive labeled "H".


The H Drive is only accessible within MyApps. Use this storage for files used by MyApps programs, but are not needed outside of that environment, for example, SPSS data files. Using the H Drive for those types of files allows for quick saving and retrieving of data. If those files are needed outside of MyApps, such as submitting an assignment in Canvas or sharing a file with others, use one of the web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge) available through the MyApps virtual desktop.