CAPS Curriculum

Access to PeopleSoft Financials

Certain CAPS courses are required by anyone seeking access to the Accounts Payable, eProcurement or General Ledger modules of PeopleSoft Financials.

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Full- and part-time employees at Case Western Reserve may enroll in CAPS courses. The series is proprietary to the university and is not an accredited academic program.

Employees who complete the following curriculum may test for the Certificate of Achievement in Financial Management. Alternatively, employees can enroll in the courses that are of interest to them—without taking the exam.

Required Courses for Certification

Complete each of the following courses.

  1. ABC's of Financials at CWRU
  2. Effective Interpersonal Communication

Core Courses for Certification

And, complete at least one course from the list below. Additional core courses can be completed to satisfy the electives requirement.

  1. Financial Reporting and Reconciling
  2. Sponsored Projects: Fundamentals
  3. Purchasing at CWRU from A to Z

Elective Courses for Certification

And, complete at least five of the following elective courses.

  1. Financials Journals
  2. Financials Cashiering
  3. Financial Online Inquiries
  4. All Things Travel
  5. Sponsored Projects Accounting: Proposal to Award
  6. Sponsored Projects Accounting: Project Monitoring
  7. Sponsored Projects Accounting: Cost Transfer
  8. Sponsored Projects Accounting: Project Closeout