Remote Access Information

In order to successfully work remotely, whether from home or from another secure location, please review the following information: 

Automatically forward all incoming calls from your CWRU phone using the buttons on the phone or the web interface.

To forward all of the calls to another number:

  • Use the functions on the phone
    1. Press the "CFwdALL" soft key. You will hear a confirmation beep.
    2. Enter the phone number you want to forward all of your calls to (ex. cell or home phone). Don't forget the "9", even if it's a local number.
    3. A message will appear in your desk phone's display reminding you that your calls are forwarded with the "forward to" number.
  • Use the web interface
    1. Log into
    2. In the left navigation, select "Call Forwarding".
    3. Select the phone number to forward.
    4. Follow the prompts to set the new number. Don't forget the "9", even if it's a local number.

To Cancel Call Forwarding

  • On the phone press the "CFwdALL" soft key or use the web interface.

Check out the user guides for more information about your CWRU phone.

Zoom is the CWRU online video conferencing platform. With Zoom, users can host video conferencing and audio meetings, collaborate, and participate in classes. All CWRU Faculty, staff, and students have access to Zoom by going to

For more information on getting started, visit the UTech Zoom resource site, or use the additional resource documents below:

When working remotely, please note that VPN is not needed for most web based applications, including Google Calendar, email, Canvas, ERP, FIN, and HCM. Only the services listed below require CWRU Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Software Center
  • Library Licensed Resources
  • Some research databases
  • Printing to on-campus printers

Duo is required for FIN, HCM, VPN, Box, and Google Applications (email, calendar, etc).

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows for remote access to the campus network through a secure connection. VPN requires use of Duo Security two-factor authentication for increased security. To determine if you need VPN, click here.

Two-factor authentication is available for active faculty, staff and students at Single Sign-on, and is required for various university systems log-ins. Two-factor authentication protects users from unauthorized access to CWRU accounts, in the event that a password is compromised.

For those traveling outside the United States, UTech recommends enrolling in Duo Security before leaving the country. For those already outside of the United States, contact the Help Desk for assistance enrolling. Travelers can also work with the UTech Service desk to request single-use codes in case of emergency.

All faculty, staff, and student users of Duo should set up Duo Mobile, and ensure that they can use Duo with a smartphone or other mobile device.