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Success Stories

Success Stories

CWRU Success Stories

Read these inspiring journeys to better health. ‌

Deepak's Success Story started with HealthTrails in 2016!

David's Healthy Success Story

Bethany's Multi Program Success

Madelyn's Success Story also started with HealthTrails in 2016!

Amy's Healthy Success Story

Carla's Healthy Success Story

Judy's Healthy Success Story

Rosanna's Healthy Success Story




What are your fellow CWRU employees saying about the Wellness Programs on campus?

Thumbs up

S.M.A.R.T. Program | Stress Management

Of the 77 participants surveyed in 2015, 98% of participants rated the program as excellent or very good. 

  • Breathing exercises have been utilized in every area of my life--it's great. Heidi is fantastic!
  • Awesome! Great knowledge of the materials. Great listener and enthusiastic about the material.
  • Found class to be helpful in dealing with work stress. Enjoyed escaping my office for an hour midday to breath.
  • I appreciate being able to take time at work--the place I am usually stressed to stop, breathe and focus on what really
    matters. I feel less stressed as a result. Thank You!
  • SMART 2.0 was even better than SMART! I still feel as though we could go even more in-depth with many of the
    topics and truly hope they keep adding on to the sessions!!

Meditation | Stress management

Average rating from 191 participants in 2015: 95% rated program Very Good or Excellent

  • Dawn is very understanding, encouraging and knowledgeable. I appreciate that Dawn shows multiple ways to practice
    and encourages us to make meditation our own.
  • Really loved class. Excellent teacher. Excellent instructor.
  • I would the [rate] program very helpful, especially in terms of dealing with stress.
  • I have learned to better navigate work stressors by practicing being here now.
  • I've tried meditation before, but this class got me practicing.
  • Well paced class and very informative.

Healthy Backs + Bodies

97% of participants rated that program as excellent or very good. 100% of participants rated the instructor as excellent or very good. 100% of participants would recommend the course to others.

  • The classes were very informative and my back pain is decreasing by following the class recommendations for posture (CORE) and the importance of doing core exercises daily.
  • I was most impressed with being taught to move my body out of any pain that might suddenly appear while working or at home.
  • Found reviewing the anatomy of the back and neck were extremely helpful in relation to posture, sleeping, Stretching and proper ways to pick up materials was well explained.
  • The knowledge that maintaining good posture can help with the back problem is very helpful. And the quick exercises are helpful as well.

Get Fit Together | Nutrition + Exercise

Average rating from over 300 participants on class satisfaction was 4.5/5

  • Loved the topics and information covered. Makes healthy eating and exercise very achievable goals for anyone.
  • It reminded me that simple exercises can be performed anywhere, anytime and not just at the gym. It also gave me an opportunity to try new things via the snacks.
  • I'm more motivated to work out; will pack more nutritious lunches, and try to eat more sensibly overall. Exercise motivation still high.
  • In exercise, I learned the value of staying on track, scheduling and workout routine variations to make exercising more effective.
  • As a result of this class I joined a gym and have incorporated the changes into my daily routine. Thanks for the positive information and interaction with the entire program.