VBWF How to Attest

In order to earn the monetary incentives (up to $500 annually) for participating in the CWRU Faculty and Staff Wellness Program, attestation forms must be completed in HCM.

An attestation is a way for you to formally and truthfully declare your participation. The CWRU attestation forms also trigger the addition of funds to your paycheck!

Wellness Program Attestation

Those who are 2020 Wellness Participants (currently earning the $25 monthly incentive) and who have completed multi-week series or programs in Community Well-being, Financial Well-Being, Nutrition or Weight Management, Physical Activity, Stress Management or Tobacco Cessation, should attest before November 30, 2020.

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2021 Primary Care Provider and Tobacco Attestation

Those interested in being a Wellness Participant in 2021 (and earning the $25 monthly incentive) should complete the Primary Care Provider Attestation and Tobacco Attestation in HCM on or before November 30, 2020. (Note: those who complete the Biometric Screening at a Quest site or via a Physician Results Form, need only complete one of these two attestations.)

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1. Completion of the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is also a requirement in the fall of 2020.

2. Only those who select a Benelect health insurance plan through CWRU are eligible for the monetary incentives that are part of the Wellness Program.