VBWF Wellness Program Areas

Wellness Program Areas

The Wellness Program invites all benefits eligible faculty and staff to participate in multi-week programming in any of our SIX Wellness Program areas.

Community Well-being

Connect with fellow faculty and staff in these unique opportunities where relationships are built and fostered. 

For an example of our community programs, learn about our Books@Work Program:

See all the options on the Community Well-being webpage.

Financial Well-being

Research shows a strong connection between good health and low stress about personal finances.

Learn more about the Financial Wellness Series offered at CWRU:

See all the Financial Well-being options on the Financial Well-being webpage.

Nutrition or Weight Management

Achieving an maintaining a healthy weight contributes greatly to overall health.

During classes like a User's Guide to Functional Nutrition, the instructor shares helpful handout like this PERFECT SMOOTHIE recipe.

See all of the Nutrition and Weight Management options on the Nutrition and Weight Management webpage.

Physical Activity

Along with FREE access the the Veale and Wyant Recreation Centers on campus, the Wellness Program offers 6-week series in yoga, Zumba and strength training. Our most popular programs are our 12-week challenges like Coast to Coast.

Coast to Coast logo

Learn about our 2020 Coast to Coast program success!

See all of our Physical Activity options on the Physical Activity webpage.

Stress Management

Stress is a natural part of our lives, those with the skills to manage it lower their risk of a large number of health problems.

Along with a variety of 8-week series like Meditation, Release, Relax and Reach and Mindfulness, the Wellness Program offers free meditations on our Take5 to Relax webpage.

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Learn about all of our Stress Management options on the Stress Management webpage.

Tobacco Cessation

Research shows it can take many attempts to completely quit tobacco use. So the Wellness Program supports your efforts to quit and staff quit. Learn about our options.

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