Weight Watchers

Join a Meeting

Virtual and in-person meetings are offered throughout the community to give you the inspiration and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals.  Set goals designed to help you start losing weight right away. A 50% subsidy is available for all benefits eligible employees to attend on campus, online, and community meetings.

NOTE: Until further notice all meetings will be completed via ZOOM.  Find a virtual meeting online.     

Invite a Friend Promotion

If you are having WW success, now is a great time to invite a fellow CWRU faculty or staff member to join you!
The "Invite a Friend Promotion" goes on through the end of 2020.

WW Subsidy for Benefits-Eligible Employees

A 50% subsidy is available for benefits-eligible faculty and staff interested in joining WW. The subsidy is available for WW Meetings (at work or in the community; includes online access) and for WW OnlinePlus.

2020 WW Meetings (includes OnlinePlus)
Monthly Pricing: $38.22
Subsidy: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $19.11

WW offers this great tip sheet for putting health first during this time.         

WW OnlinePlus
Monthly Pricing: $16.96
Subsidy: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $8.48
Learn more about OnlinePlus from this quick video from Weight Watchers!

To enroll, log on to the CWRU WW page.
Then enter your Employee ID. This is not your Network ID, but the seven digit employee ID you can find on your pay stub.

Once you enroll, the discounted rate will be charged on your credit card each month. The university will pay the subsidized part of the monthly fee. You will notice a small tax for the university subsidy on your monthly payroll statement.

Check out these WW FAQ