Consumer Reports Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely with Consumer Reports is an educational effort which hopes to curb the cost of healthcare by helping both patients and physicians make smarter choices for testing and treatment.

Checkout the NEW Choosing Wisely microsite for CWRU faculty and staff! 

Other Choosing Wisely Resources

1. Infographic -  How do patients make health care decisions

2. The Choosing Wisely App

Download the NEW Choosing Wisely App The app is currently available for download in the app store, for iPhones only (iPad will be coming soon; Android shortly thereafter). It brings the 500 specialty society recommendations and over 100 patient-friendly materials into the palms of both physicians’ and patients’ hands. Choosing Wisely aims to promote conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is supported by evidence, not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received, free from harm, and truly necessary.

3. Videos from Consumer Reports

To help you and your family have informed conversations with your doctor and other health care providers about choosing what health care you need - and which medical tests and treatments you may not need - we are excited to offer you the Making Healthy Choices videos.

These short and compelling videos, created by Consumer Reports, help you think about what questions to ask your doctor, such as, "Do I really need this medical test or treatment? What are the risks and benefits? And, what happens if I don't do anything?"