Music Facilities Policies and Procedures


Facilities operations (performance, rehearsal and practice), building access, musical storage or lockers, weddings, program or poster templates, and event logistics. 

General office, academic programs and recruitment, classroom scheduling and calendars, key requests, digital news, and publicity or print materials. 

The Core Computer Lab (Haydn Hall), reserving AV equipment or requesting audio recording services.

Invoices, honorariums, reimbursements, payment of booth rentals, receptions, festivals or conferences (including catering), and subscription advertising.

Summer Hours

Haydn Hall
card access

Denison Hall
card access

Harkness Chapel/Classroom
open for special events

Academic Year

Haydn Hall 
M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM 
Sat./Sun., card access 

Denison Hall 
M-F, 8:00AM-5:00PM 
Sat., 8:00AM-12:00PM (CYWS rehearsal only)
Sun., card access 

Harkness Chapel/Classroom
M-F, 8:00AM-9:00PM
Sat./Sun., closed
(special events as scheduled)

Active Hours

These hours fall outside of normal operating hours and can be booked by reservation for rehearsals/practice. Our buildings lock, but remain active with music ensembles, individual practice, and rehearsals, until 10:00 PM. Students must have after-hours privileges. Reservations can be made in advance for larger rooms, but practice rooms are open 24/7.

The Case Western Reserve University Department of Music strives to maintain a safe, secure and productive environment for musical creation by university groups and individuals. The following policies and procedures describe which spaces are accessible and for what purpose. Every effort is made to meet the needs of all parties as equitably as possible while preserving the integrity of our facilities.

Department of Music Facilities, Centers, and Partnerships

Operational Plans for the 2021-22 Academic Year

The Department of Music will continue to follow CDC and CWRU COVID-19 guidelines and will adapt operations as these protocols develop. Rehearsals and performances will follow all CWRU guidelines and protocols of supervising faculty members. Practice rooms/modules, studios, and classrooms will continue to require reservations, but with no time limits or transition time in between. 

Read the updated campus COVID-19 protocols (effective July 2021).

Vaccinations: COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements FAQs

Prevention measures: To prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), please follow these steps—as well as the information outlined on this page

Masking: Those who are fully vaccinated (two weeks from completing their vaccine dosage) do not have to wear masks indoors on campus. Exceptions exist for individuals (vaccinated or not) who are:

  • in a patient-care setting;
  • engaging in physical activity within a university athletic or recreational facility; and
  • taking university transportation (e.g., Safe Ride vehicles or university shuttles).

Physical Distancing: Those who are fully vaccinated no longer have to maintain six feet of distance from others on campus.

Daily Health Attestation: Starting tomorrow (Thursday, July 22), the daily health assessment will go on hiatus until Monday, Aug. 23—when those who are not vaccinated will be expected to complete it every day.

COVID-19 Symptoms: Regardless of vaccination status, please stay home (or in your residence hall) if you experience COVID-19 symptoms and contact University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) for guidance about returning to campus. For immediate medical advice, students may call UHCS anytime; faculty and staff should contact their primary medical providers.

Faculty Guidance during COVID-19: Guidance for Fall 2021

We will continue to closely monitor COVID-19-related developments throughout this summer and fall. As we have throughout the pandemic, leaders will adjust university practices in accordance with guidance from health experts from within and beyond the university.

Reservation Requests

Reservations are granted on a first come first served basis as often as needed and upon confirmation. Priority is given to music faculty and music majors. Every effort is made to match the first choice, but the Department of Music reserves the right to adjust space to accommodate as many requests as possible. We can provide space for activities to the extent that space is available. Classrooms are not to serve as public event spaces unless permission is given by the Department of Music.

  • Calendar open to the public on July 20 (Fall semester) and on December 20 (Spring semester).
  • All reservations must be made 3 business days in advance by 4PM (does not include Sat/Sun).
  • Before requesting a space, please review our guidelines and check the room availability.
  • Reservation requests become official once an email/calendar confirmation is received from the Music Office.

Room Schedules (Google Calendars)

Classroom Request academic classrooms and large rehearsal rooms

Practice Room Reservation Request practice rooms/modules, studios, Denison Classroom

Academic Classrooms

Haydn Hall, 207

Haydn Hall, 311

Haydn Hall, 312

Harkness Classroom Located inside of Harkness Chapel; serves as an academic classroom and a backstage area during performances.

The Core Computer Lab Macintosh computer classroom and lab dedicated to mind, sound, and vision.

Rehearsal Rooms + Meeting Spaces

These rooms are available to Department of Music faculty, staff, and students only:

  • Spartan Rehearsal Hall 
  • Wade Rehearsal Hall
  • Denison Rehearsal Hall
  • Haydn Hall, 10 (MuEd Resource Room)
  • Haydn Hall, 05 + 08 (Graduate Student Offices)

Practice Rooms

These rooms are available to Department of Music faculty, staff and students, and music minors/non-majors taking lessons (MUAP) or ensembles (MUEN):

For the 2021-22 Academic Year
Haydn Hall Denison Hall
HY 15 (HPP students only) Practice Module 158
HY 19 (HPP students only) Practice Module 159
HY 301/Bennett Office (HPP students only)  Practice Module 180
  Practice Module 182
HY 209  Practice Module 184
HY 210  Practice Module 186
HY 211  Percussion Studio (Percussion students only) 
HY 212  Denison Classroom

Continue below for more information about building and individual room access.

Events & Performances

Planning in Advance

Our event planning guide will help with event preparation and publicity. 

Event Planning Guide 

Harkness Chapel 

This space is intended for events, ensemble performances, student recitals, rehearsals, recording sessions, as well as academic classes. It is not intended to support individual practice, lessons, or other unrelated activities.

  • Reservations must be submitted 3 business days in advance by 4PM (does not include Sat/Sun).
  • Cancellations must be received 7 business days prior to the event by 4PM (does not include Sat/Sun).
  • An event is confirmed once formal notification from the Department of Music is received.
  • Harkness Classroom will serve as a backstage area during performances.
  • Please be sure to include option 1 (event) and option 2 (dress rehearsal) on the request form.
  • The last 2 weeks of each academic semester are typically held for CWRU Music events.

Additional fees are charged if holding a reception. Absolutely no alcohol and no food/beverages permitted inside the main chapel area or classroom. Water bottles with lids are acceptable. Receptions can be held in the foyer and classroom but this option must be indicated on the reservation form with permission given by the department. Permit paperwork is required and additional facilities/custodial services are provided (minimum fee of $140). 

Responsible Party

The responsible party listed on the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request agrees to adhere to the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use and General Housekeeping Rules (below). This historic and valuable building should be treated with the utmost respect. Disregarding regulations and any resulting damages will be billed to the person who made the reservation. Furthermore, the individual/group may not be permitted to use Harkness Chapel in the future. All student event staff have gone through training; regard for their authority is expected. Event staff will remain on-site during the event.

Checking the box on the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request signifies that the individual/group has read the Harkness Chapel Rules of Use and agrees to be the responsible party. 

Steps to Reserve Harkness Chapel

  1. Review the Harkness Chapel Rates and Fees
  2. Review the Harkness Chapel Rules for Use
  3. View Harkness Chapel availability on the Room Schedules
  4. Submit the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request 
  5. Faculty may use the [Faculty Only] Harkness Chapel Reservation Request 
  6. (optional) Harkness Audio Service: Recording Request
  7. Submit payment if required and as directed (checks can be made out to Case Western Reserve University or CWRU)

Student Recitals

Undergraduate and graduate students (CWRU and CIM) can select from the predetermined recital time blocks from the Harkness Chapel calendar. A 2-hour dress rehearsal can be provided, schedule permitting. Special accommodations outside of these time blocks should be arranged with the Music Office.

Student recitals are booked in 3-hour increments:

  • 12:00-3:00PM (1:00PM start)
  • 3:00-6:00PM (4:00PM start)
  • 6:00-9:00PM (7:00PM start)

Undergraduate students planning to substitute their Level Jury or Exit Jury with a recital should complete the Jury Petition Form by week 8 of the semester.

HPP Graduate Degree Recitals

Fall semester recital proposals are due by April 1st and Spring semester recital proposals are due by November 1st. Students should submit the Harkness Chapel Reservation Request to place holds on the calendar for their 3 proposed dates [indicate HPP degree recital on the form]. Once the final date is selected, the student should bring the approved degree recital form to Jennifer Wright in the music office to discuss the next steps. Digital posters and website listings will be created at the beginning of the semester. See “Planning in Advance” for more information.

CWRU Student Organizations

University Recognized Student Organizations actively participating and contributing to music life on campus (public performances, collaborating with department ensembles, community engagement), with an affiliation to the Department of Music (music faculty advisor/director and permission from the music office), may schedule performances or ceremonies in Harkness Chapel once per academic year at no cost. There are some instances where fees would be charged (reception is held, admission is charged, damage to the building or any equipment). Our only requirement is that the event does not take place during the last 2 weeks of each semester because we are busy with department concerts and events (events can be booked past the last day of class scheduling permitting).

Student Event Staff

One or two members of our student event staff will be assigned to work all Harkness events (unless otherwise noted). This is required for all events and is $15/hour.

Recording Services

During the academic year, audio recording services can be requested by submitting the Harkness Audio Service: Recording Request. Professional AV Services can be arranged directly through MediaVision. Individuals may also arrange for their own recording services provided by an approved audio technician.

Faculty, staff, and students can loan equipment from The Core Computer Lab. Please contact Ken Wendt <> or visit The Core (HYDN 16).

Harkness Audio Service: Recording Request

The CWRU Department of Music provides free audio recordings for the following events:

  • All concerts by official Music Department ensembles
  • All recitals that are required for the completion of graduate degrees
  • All endowed recitals (e.g. the annual Ronis Recital)
  • Performances given as part of Music Department or CIM chamber music courses that are offered exclusively to CWRU students (studio recitals not included)

Building Access, Rehearsal Rooms & Practice Space

After-Hours Access 

Request card swipe/after-hours access to Haydn Hall or Denison Hall by submitting the Music Building Access Request.

All music majors and students enrolled in ensembles or lessons will automatically be activated for after-hours access to Denison Hall and Haydn Hall. Access will begin the Monday after drop/add in the fall semester and expire at the end of the academic year. Please request access for the summer term prior to May 15.

Specialized Access

Music students who require lockbox access to Harkness Chapel/Classroom, the HPP studios or computer lab in Haydn Hall, or individual rooms in the Denison Hall should follow these steps: 

Step 1 - Prior to requesting access: Receive authorization from your ensemble director, supervisor, and/or faculty advisor.  
Step 2 - Complete the Responsible Use & Security Awareness Agreement.
Step 3 – A tutorial will be set up to provide training on using the lockbox and associated software. Once this tutorial is complete a final contract will be signed. This training is not required for HPP Studios.
Step 4 – Lockbox access will be activated and a scanned copy of your contract will be emailed with the original kept on file. 

Approving Authority: Summer Canter, Coordinator of Performance Facilities and Operations, in consultation with the appropriate ensemble director, supervisor or faculty advisor. 

University Keys

A limited amount of university keys may be issued to faculty, staff, and graduate assistants. Please complete the Key Request Form

Instrumental Lockers

Please review the Instrumental Locker Policies to submit a request.

Denison Hall

This building operates with controlled access. The Spartan Rehearsal Hall (SRH), Wade Rehearsal Hall (WRH), and Denison Rehearsal Hall (DRH) will remain closed/locked when not being used by a CWRU music class or ensemble rehearsal. The Denison Classroom (DCR) will remain open at all times.

Music majors, particularly those in chamber groups/small studio groups, pianists and percussionists will be given priority when booking times to rehearse. The music office will assign building staff to work during the Active Hours to open/lock rooms, assist students, and monitor the master schedule. The maximum rehearsal time permitted per student or group is 3 hours per week and rehearsals must end by 10PM.

University Recognized Student Organizations actively participating and contributing to music life on campus (public performances, collaborating with department ensembles, community engagement), with an affiliation to the Department of Music (music faculty advisor/director and permission from the music office), may schedule a series of dates for one semester at a time in Wade Rehearsal Hall, Denison Rehearsal Hall or Denison Classroom. Student organizations are not to take the place of academic ensembles (MUEN) offered by the Department of Music. No outside activities will be booked in music spaces during orientation or the first week of each academic semester. Regardless of the number of sub-groups, a single student organization is permitted a max of 3 hours of rehearsal time per week during the regular academic semester. For example, if an organization as 3 sub-groups, each group is able to book 1-hour of rehearsal per week.

**All students must check-in with the building monitor upon arrival.**

Rehearsal rooms are busy spaces, often involving a significant amount of set-up prior to rehearsals. It is critical that all parties ensure these spaces are clean and all equipment is returned to its proper location.  If the use of these spaces results in an unreasonable inconvenience for academic classes and ensembles, access to these rooms will no longer be allowed. Please be respectful.

Practice Rooms (Haydn Hall 2nd Floor and Denison Modules)

Practice rooms are not open to the public. These spaces are reserved for CWRU music majors and students enrolled in music ensembles (MUEN) or applied music lessons (MUAP). Students taking lessons through the CIM Preparatory and Continuing Education Department are not given access to CWRU practice rooms/rehearsal spaces. Note: Practice rooms are open 24/7.

These spaces are not meant for doing homework, video conferencing, resting, etc. and are not available for breakout rehearsals (sectionals or individual parts) during a scheduled group rehearsal.

Practice rooms may be used by faculty as teaching studios upon approval by the music office (if a CIM studio is not available and the faculty member is teaching a CWRU music major in fulfillment of primary or secondary applied lessons -or- in fulfillment of a pedagogy class). Haydn Hall classrooms and Denison Hall rehearsal rooms are NOT to be used as practice rooms or studios without prior approval from the music office. Harkness Chapel and Harkness Classroom are NOT considered practice rooms or studios. Students are not permitted to use music spaces to teach private lessons. 

Percussion Studio

Music majors with percussion as a primary instrument will be issued access to a percussion studio key. Students taking percussion/drum set lessons or ensemble members (popular music, percussion, and jazz ensembles) can use percussion equipment during Active Hours. Questions: Please contact Summer Canter, Coordinator of Performance Facilities and Operations.

Music majors can use the Percussion Studio by reservation or when not in use. CWRU students in ensembles or taking percussion/drum set lessons can rehearse during Active Hours by reservation or when not in use. The building monitor can assist with access. To guarantee time in one of our large rehearsal rooms, please book in advance. Quiet Hours begin at 11PM so no rehearsals or classroom activities will be booked past 10PM (excluding Percussion Ensemble on Monday night).

Borrowing Instruments/Equipment

Our instruments and equipment are not available for public use. A policy has been put in place by the Ensembles Committee to have students complete and sign a waiver when borrowing instruments/equipment for very special circumstances. Please contact Summer Canter, Coordinator of Performance Facilities and Operations.

The appropriate ensemble director will be consulted for permission: strings (Dr. Kathleen Horvath), winds/brass/percussion (Dr. Ryan Scherber), marching band (Dr. Benjamin Helton). 

Academic Year-End Closing Procedures

This information pertains to all music majors and ensemble members with instruments and/or lockers, and students interested in summer access.

View instructions for year-end closing procedures.

General Housekeeping Rules

  1. Music faculty and music majors have priority over departmental spaces. Additional set-up/tear-down time may be needed between academic ensembles and classes – please be respectful of this.
  2. Rehearsals must fall within the “Active Hours” listed for Denison and Haydn Hall.
  3. Practice modules are open to music majors or CWRU students enrolled in ensembles (MUEN) and/or applied lessons (MUAP).  They are not to be used for break-out rehearsals/sectionals or doing homework, video-calling, etc.
  4. Absolutely no alcohol and no food/beverages permitted inside the rehearsal rooms/classrooms or practice rooms. Water bottles with lids are acceptable. Receptions can be held but this option must be indicated on the reservation form with permission given by the department. Permit paperwork is required and additional facilities/custodial services are provided (minimum fee of $140).
  5. Keep all rooms clean from garbage. No markings are to be made on the wall or floors and nothing is to be set on top of the pianos or percussion instruments (drinks, food, clothes, bags).
  6. Equipment available for rehearsals: stands, chairs, and pianos. Percussion and electronic/AV equipment is not available for use. Our equipment is not available for public use and must remain on site. Nothing is to be removed from our classrooms/buildings without permission.
  7. Rooms are to be put back in proper order and all equipment is to be stacked before leaving.
  8. DO NOT prop any exterior doors or windows open and make sure everything is secured before leaving.
  9. Rooms are not to be used outside of your formal booking. If you are in a room at a time that you are not to be there you will be asked to leave.
  10. If the music office receives any reports of misuse, one written warning will be given. If reports continue, permission to use departmental spaces will be revoked.
  11. University Quiet Hours begin at 11PM. Activities will not be scheduled past 10PM.
  12. Parking at the Denison loading dock is not permitted.  Only faculty with courtesy parking passes have this privilege.

Disclaimer: Music facilities should be utilized for activities, meetings, gatherings, and functions consistent with the registered purpose of the organization. Any unauthorized use of space is prohibited. Under no circumstances can music equipment be transported or used outside of the facility. All persons using space or equipment shall be responsible for their own safety and shall be solely responsible for anticipating, knowing, and taking all necessary precautions relative to working with such equipment. All appropriate measures and usage practices must be followed, including, but not limited to Music Facilities Policies and Procedures, general housekeeping rules, or any manufacturer’s procedures. Responsible parties assume all risk of property damage and liability for any and all costs associated with any claims, actions, or damage(s). Student staff members are often on-site to monitor building operations; regard for their authority is expected. 


It is VERY important that doors and/or windows are not propped open in our buildings. Do not hold the door for others. All faculty, staff, and students are to gain access by using an ID card.

  • In case of an EMERGENCY call CWRU Police 216.368.3333
  • Non-emergency calls can be made to CWRU Police  216.368.3300

CWRU Police & Security Services also offers a free smartphone application that allows you to report emergencies, set safety checks, and create reports. Please consider adding the Rave Guardian App

The Safe Ride Program carries students, faculty, and staff around campus and part of University Circle. The service is an after-hours addition to public transportation. It runs seven days a week, between 6:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. Security officers drive all Safe Ride vehicles.

Find more information on the Public Safety website.