Graduate Fellowships and Teaching Opportunities

Historical Performance Practice

All admitted students receive full tuition support and a generous stipends.


Each graduate student is supported through a fellowship carrying a generous stipend and tuition waiver and entailing service of approximately ten hours per week. Graduate assistantships include teaching assistantships, research assistantships, work with departmental publicity and marketing, and internships with the Cleveland Orchestra and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, including its Library and Archives. Students well advanced in the degree program also have the opportunity to become independent Instructors of Record for undergraduate courses, acquiring invaluable experience in the classroom. The Department of Music and the Center for Popular Music Studies also sponsor an annual summer research fellowship program at the Library of Congress.

Music Education

The music education program has significant funding for tuition waivers and graduate assistantships. Graduate assistants work in support of many areas of the music education and ensembles programs including assisting with the bands, choirs, and orchestras; collaborating with initiatives in research and music technology; and aiding music education faculty with undergraduate music education courses.