​The Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Dental Medicine has received a significant boost in its efforts to advance craniofacial care with a generous grant of $180,000 from the Mt. Sinai Health Foundation. This grant will support the continuation and expansion of the Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship program, further solidifying CWRU’s position as a leader in specialized dental education and patient care. "Case Western Reserve University and its School of Dental Medicine are long-standing, high-performing grantee partners," said Mt. Sinai Health Foundation President Mitchell Balk. “Through our continued support of the Mt. Sinai-Dr. Edward Reiter Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship, the nation’s first named craniofacial orthodontics fellowship, we are pleased to bring exceptional talent from across the globe to Cleveland.”

Manish Valiathan and Mitchell Balk

This grant continues the Mt. Sinai-Dr. Edward Reiter Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship, paying tribute to Dr. Edward Reiter’s legacy and the foundation’s commitment to advancing health. This prestigious fellowship will provide essential support for two Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellows annually. This ensures the sustainability and success of the fellowship program, allowing CWRU to attract top-tier talent and develop a nationally renowned training program. With Department of Orthodontics Chair Mark Hans, Dr. Manish Valiathan’s leadership and vision helped to establish the fellowship program, which matriculated its first student in 2013. Dr. Valiathan states, “The Craniofacial Orthodontic Fellowship epitomizes and makes Interprofessional Education very real by working closely with colleagues from all aspects of healthcare ranging from craniofacial surgeons to speech pathologists, nurses to social workers, ENT surgeons to pediatric dentists and many more services, with the sole and common goal of integrating children born with craniofacial differences into society. The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation continues to support our mission to create craniofacial orthodontists who can go out and make a difference in this space.”

The Mt. Sinai-Dr. Edward Reiter Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship will not only benefit the fellows but also contribute to the advancement of craniofacial care locally, nationally, and globally. By investing in specialized training, CWRU is equipping dental professionals with the expertise needed to provide effective care tailored to the unique needs of their patients. With an increasing urban population, the demand for well-trained dental professionals is paramount to ensure access to comprehensive treatment options. By supporting at least two fellowships per year, CWRU aims to address this need and elevate the standard of care in craniofacial orthodontics.

Manish Valiathan and Mitchell Balk

The CWRU School of Dental Medicine has a distinguished history of trailblazing initiatives in craniofacial care, research, education, and resource development. Dean Kenneth Chance states his appreciation for the Foundation’s support, “The Mt. Sinai Health Foundation is a beacon in the community. We are humbled to receive their continued support and build upon the groundbreaking work taking place in the Craniofacial Orthodontic Fellowship.” With previous support from the Mt. Sinai Health Foundation, the school hosted a seminal craniofacial abnormalities leadership summit in 2012, fostering collaboration among institutions nationwide. Since launching its fellowship program in craniofacial orthodontics in 2013, the school has graduated fellows who are actively contributing to craniofacial management in various university and hospital settings. The Mt. Sinai-Dr. Edward Reiter Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship builds upon this legacy, ensuring continued excellence in craniofacial care and empowering future generations of dental professionals.

The $180,000 grant from the Mt. Sinai Health Foundation furthers the CWRU School of Dental Medicine’s efforts to advance craniofacial care. Through the Mt. Sinai-Dr. Edward Reiter Craniofacial Orthodontics Fellowship, the school reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient-centered care. This support not only benefits the fellows but also elevates the standard of care in craniofacial orthodontics, leaving a lasting impact on the community and the field of dentistry as a whole. With continued investment and dedication, CWRU will continue to lead the way in craniofacial care, driving positive change and improving the lives of patients worldwide.