If the name you are looking for is not on the list, please use the University Directory.

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Academic Affairs

Name  Phone  Email
David Rolf, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 216.368.0168
Curriculum and Assessment Manager 216.368.6731  
Heather Ramsey, Department Assistant 216.368.0775

Administration (including Continuing Education)

Name  Phone  Email
Ronald Occhionero, Associate Dean for Administration 216.368.1900
Gladys Ina, Department Assistant 216.368.1900

Admitting (New Patients)

Name  Phone  Email
Admitting and Radiology (New Patients) 216.368.8730  

Admissions (DMD)

Name  Phone  Email
Kristin Williams, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs 216.368.2392
Brian Sherman, Interim Director of Admissions 216.368.3203
Antonise Gilliam, Secretary 216.368.2460
Dianne Wagner, Secretary 216.368.2461

AEGD Directory

Name: Phone:


Hussein Assaf, Professor, Director 216.368.6759
Michael Gallagher, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Gross, Clinical Associate Professor
Shabbir M. Hashim, Clinical Assistant Professor
Erika Loeffel, Clinical Instructor
Keith Norwalk, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Jay Resnick, Associate Professor
Evan Tetelman, Clinical Associate Professor
Michel Venot, Adjunct Associate Professor
Jing Wang, Clinical Instructor    
Jeffrey Young, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Hany Zakhary, Clinical Instructor
Nitu Jha, Dental Assistant    
Tanera Hutz, Dental Hygienist 216.368.0146  
Office Coordinator 216.368.3290  

Biological Sciences Directory

Name: Phone:


Aaron Weinberg, Chair 216.368.6729
Lechuang Chen, Research Associate    
Zhimin Feng, Senior Instructor 216.368.1996
Santosh Ghosh, Instructor 216.368.6586
Ashlee Jeter, Research Assistant 216.368.8736
Ge Jin, Professor 216.368.3791
Pushpa Pandiyan, Associate Professor 216.368.2939
James Simmelink, Adj/Clin Assoc Professor 216.368.4252
Michelle Fortuna, Department Assistant 216.368.1525
Tim Whittingham, Associate Professor 216.368.6753
Guoxiang Yuan, Research Associate 216.368.4170

Clinical Affairs

Name  Phone  Email
Manish Valiathan, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs 216.368.0673

Community Dentistry Directory

Name Phone Email
Lisa Blackmon, Visiting Assistant Professor 216.368.6840
Catherine Demko, Associate Professor 216.368.8804
Suparna Mahalaha, Assistant Professor 216.368.6840
Sena Narendran, Associate Professor 216.368.1311
Suchitra Nelson, Interim Chair, Professor, Assistant Dean for Clinical and Translational Research 216.368.3469
Kristin Victoroff, Associate Professor 216.368.6616
Kristin Williams, Associate Professor 216.368.2392
Lasaundra Acre, Department Assistant 216.368.2217

Sealant Program

Name Phone Email
Equipment Technician 216.368.4545  
Connie Saxon, Dental Assistant, Onsite Coordinator 216.368.0982
Kristin Williams, Assistant Director 216.368.2392

Comprehensive Care Directory


Name Phone Email
Dr. Dale Baur, Interim Chair 216.368.6749
Dr. Hussein Assaf, Professor 216.368.6759
Dr. Palma Freydinger, Assistant Professor
Dr. Roma Jasinevicius, Associate Professor 216.368.2237
Dr. Tania Markarian, Assistant Professor 216.368.2486
Dr. Jay Resnick, Associate Professor
Dr. Ibrahim Tulunoglu, Associate Professor 216.368.6365
Dr. Russell Wang, Professor 216.368.6716


Name Phone Email
Dr. Mohsin Ali, Associate Professor
Dr. Edward D'Alessandro, Assistant Professor 216.368.0214  
Dr. Gino DiGiannantonio, Instructor
Dr. Cara Fawcett, Instructor 216.368.3864
Dr. Denver Jenkins, Instructor 216.368.6766  
Dr. Jay Joseph, Associate Professor 216.368.3707
Dr. Jerry Kolosionek, Instructor 216.368.0214
Dr. Lawrence Rossoff, Assistant Professor
Dr. James Schneider, Instructor 216.368.0746  
Dr. Eric Smith, Instructor 216.368.3819  


Name Phone Email
Department Assistant 216.368.6736  
Department Assistant/Records 216.368.3260  
Grace Vibbert, Director, Business Analytics and Process Improvement 216.368.5009

Dean's Office

Name  Phone  Email
Kenneth Chance, Dean 216.368.3266
Dale Baur, Vice Dean 216.368.6749
Patricia Mehosky Ribeiro, Assistant Dean of Research Administration 216.368.7573
Jean Farah, Executive Aide 216.368.3266

Development and Alumni Relations

Name  Phone  Email
Associate Dean for Development & Alumni Relations 216.368.3923  
Carolyn Gordon, Director of Development 216.368.3481
Ruth Brennan, Asst. Director of Regional Development and Donor Engagement 216.368.5758
Coordinator of Alumni and Donor Relations    
Department Assistant 216.368.3480  

Expanded Function Dental Auxiliary (EFDA)

Name  Phone  Email
Shelly Feiwell, Director 216.368.3252

Finance and Operations

Name  Phone  Email
John Smolik, Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations 216.368.6772
Tori Hirsch, Business/Operational Affairs Manager 216.368.6982

Graduate Studies

Name  Phone  Email
Andres Pinto, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies 216.368.6769
Graduate Studies Coordinator 216.368.1168  

Henry Schein Store

Name  Phone  Email
Henry Schein Store 216.368.2771  

Marketing and Communications

Name  Phone  Email
Laura Meyer, Internal Communications Manager 216.368.3258

OMFS Directory

Name Phone Email
Dale A. Baur, Professor and Chair 216.368.6749
Faisal A. Quereshy, Professor, Residency Program Director 216.368.3216
Robert Heckel, Clinical Associate Professor 216.368.3102
Donald P. Lewis, Clinical Assistant Professor 216.368.1995
James Perhavec, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Keith Schneider, Clinical Assistant Professor 216.368.3102
Jaclyn Tomsic, Clinical Assistant Professor
Sandra Beauclair, Nurse Manager 216.368.6749
Andrea Lisaula, Department Assistant 216.368.3102
Anne Garnett, Operating Room Scheduler 216.368.8652
CWRU Clinic Appointments 216.368.2538  
OMFS Resident On-Call (ask operator to page on-call resident) 216.844.1000  

OMMDS Directory

Name Phone Email 
Andres Pinto, Professor, Chair 216.368.6769
Andy Deak, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Stanley Hirsch, Emeritus Associate Professor 216.368.4262
Michael Landers, Associate Professor 216.368.3876
Ivan Stojanov, Assistant Professor 216.368.0853
Ali Zakir Syed, Assistant Professor 216.368.6802
David Weidenthal, Senior Instructor 216.368.1063
Carol Samuels, Department Secretary 216.368.2966
Sue Opsitnick, Radiology Technician 216.368.2645
Stacey Dimagard-Masterson, Radiology Technician 216.368.2645
Department Coordinator 216.368.0498  
Amit Chattopadhyay, Adjunct Professor
Sarah Fitzpatrick, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Rui Amaral Mendes, Adjunct Professor
Receptionist 216.368.8730  
Oral Pathology Lab 216.368.4260  

Orthodontics Directory

Name Phone Email
Mark G. Hans, Professor and Chair 216.368.4649
J. Martin Palomo, Professor and Program Director 216.368.2449
Yumi Abei, Clinical Assistant Professor
Anwar Jabour Alhazmi, Clinical Assistant Professor 216.368.0757
Lisa Alvetro-Rossman, Clinical Associate Professor    
B. Douglas Amberman, Clinical Professor 216.368.6773
Sebastian Baumgaertel, Clinical Associate Professor
Sheldon Baumrind, Adjunct Professor    
Andrea Bazzuchi, Adjunct Assistant Professor    
Joseph Belhobek, Clinical Associate Professor    
Jackie Berkowitz, Clinical Associate Professor    
Maxine Blair-Quamina, Orthodontic Clinic Coordinator 216.368.3249
Charles Boester, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jay Bowman, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Elizabeth Bujack, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Banu Cakirer, Adjunct Professor    
Constance Cumberworth, Department Coordinator 216.368.4649
Ze'ev Davidovitch, Volunteer Clinical Professor
David Dean, 2nd Appointment Associate Professor    
Norman DeLoach, Clinical Assistant Professor
Felix Gen, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Donald Gustovich, Clinical Associate Professor
Thomas Herberger, Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael Jack, Clinical Assistant Professor
Young Jin Jeon, Adjunct Assistant Professor    
Lin Jiuxiang, Adjunct Professor    
Christopher Kesling, Adjunct Associate Professor    
William Koenig, Clinical Associate Professor
Eric S. Lawrence, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Kenneth Lawrence, Clinical Assistant Professor
Donald Machen, Clinical Associate Professor    
Franco Magni, Adjunct Professor    
Valerie D. Martone, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Alex Mellion, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Zachary Mellion, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kunihiko Miyashita, Adjunct Professor    
Neal Murphy, 2nd Appointment Professor    
Lincoln Nojima, Visiting Associate Professor    
Matilde Nojima, Visiting Associate Professor    
Orthodontic Clinic Coordinator 216.368.3249  
Janet Peck, Clinic Manager 216.368.8665
Mohammad Razavi, Clinical Assistant Professor
Michael Sabat, Clinical Associate Professor
Gerald Samson, Adjunct Associate Professor    
Sharon Schmahl, Clinical Assistant Professor
Richard Sherwood, Adjunct Professor    
Andrew Skorobatckyj, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Kingman Strohl, 2nd Appointment Professor    
Krishna Subramanyan, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Chi-Min Teng, Adjunct Professor    
Apostolos Tsolakis, Adjunct Associate Professor    
Ashima Valiathan, Adjunct Professor    
Manish Valiathan, Associate Professor 216.368.0673
Dennis Ward, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Ryan Wenger, Clinical Assistant Professor
Terrence Wenger, Clinical Assistant Professor    
John White, Clinical Associate Professor 216.368.0673
Gary Wolf, Clinical Associate Professor 216.368.0673
Grace Wu Simco, Clinical Assistant Professor    
Tian-Min Xu, Adjunct Professor    
Yan-heng Zhou, Adjunct Professor    
Craniofacial Clinic Coordinator 216.368.4331  
Department Assistant 216.368.4649  
Clinic Appointments 216.368.3249  
Imaging Center 216.368.2674  

Patient Services

Name  Phone  Email
Nasrin Kalantaripour, Director of Patient Services 216.368.3882
Coordinator, Patient Services    

Pediatric Dentistry Directory

Name Phone Email
Gerald Ferretti, Chair 216.368.3277
Margaret Ferretti, Assistant Professor 216.368.0387
Department Assistant 216.368.3277  
Headstart Outreach Program 216.368.0665  
CWRU Clinic Appointments 216.368.6185  
Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital Tapper Clinic 216.844.3080  

Periodontics Directory

Name  Phone  Email
Gian Pietro Schincaglia, Chair and Director 216.368.4412
Nabil F. Bissada, Professor, Associate Dean for Global Relations 216.368.6752
Andre Paes, Assistant Professor 216.368.0879
Paul Ricchetti, Visiting Associate Professor 216.368.6276
David Rolf, Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 216.368.0168
Cheryl Silas, Department Assistant 216.368.6757
Patient Appointments 216.368.3615
Dental Assistant 216.368.8793  

Registrar and Financial Aid Advisor

Name  Phone  Email
Barbara A. Sciulli, Registrar and Financial Aid Advisor 216.368.3256


Name  Phone  Email
Suchitra Nelson, Assistant Dean for Clinical and Translational Research 216.368.3469
Patricia Mehosky Ribeiro, MBA, Assistant Dean of Research Administration 216.368.7573
Research Compliance Officer 216.368.3948  

Student Services

Name  Phone  Email
Kristin Williams, Assistant Dean for Admissions & Student Affairs 216.368.2392
Director of Student Services 216.368.3201  
Kaitlyn Sterl, Department Assistant 216.368.6136