Emergency Care

To ensure your health and safety, additional COVID-19 protocols are being implemented. Patients will be seen on an appointment basis only, after completing the necessary pre-screening process. Visit this page regularly for more information, and call 216.368.3200 with questions.

The adult emergency care clinic is for patients who are experiencing:

  • Moderate to severe pain,
  • Oral bleeding, and/or
  • Facial/oral swelling

The adult emergency care clinic makes appointments for 9:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. for patients age 18 and older. Children ages 16-18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the adult emergency care clinic.

The adult emergency care clinic can only accept a limited number of patients due to the number of students available to provide service.

The purpose of the appointment is to provide temporary relief of pain until a regular appointment and follow-up care can be provided.

The adult emergency care clinic DOES NOT provide fillings/crowns, dentures, cleanings, root canals, or wisdom teeth (third molar) extractions. Treatment in the adult emergency care clinic does not admit you to the Comprehensive Care Program. If you have dental needs other that temporary relief of pain, you will need to schedule a new patient admitting screening appointment at 216.368.8730.

Making an Appointment for Emergency Care

Emergency care for existing ACTIVE (current) patients is scheduled within the department they are assigned to.

To make an adult emergency care appointment, call 216.368.3200.

Those seeking emergency care for children ages 16 and under will need to contact our Pediatric Clinic at 216.368.6185.

On evenings, weekends, holidays, seasonal academic breaks, and when the adult emergency care clinic is closed, emergency patients may been seen through the emergency department of University Hospitals. You may also contact the resident on call at 216.844.1000.


There is a set initial fee of $27 for diagnosis. Once the student doctor diagnoses the problem, an emergency treatment plan will be designed. The average estimated cost for treatment is between $85 and $115, depending on the services performed.

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Money orders. We DO NOT accept American Express, Discover, or personal checks. We do not have a sliding fee scale. We are a fee-for-service institution, and a treatment plan will be developed for you with the relevant fees.

Location and Parking

The School of Dental Medicine's Dental Clinic is located at 9501 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44106. There is a parking lot immediately behind the building with space for 120 patients. If that lot is full, the Cleveland Clinic JJ Garage is also available right across Chester from the Clinic building. More information about the location and parking is available here.