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Lost Alumni

Help us find alumni with whom we have lost contact.

Lost alumni are simply individuals we cannot locate, but with whom we want to connect. We do not always receive address updates from graduates. This causes us to mark their records as "lost" and they no longer receive reunion information or the school magazine.

Can you help find them? The Alumni Relations Office has lost contact with the following dental alumni. Any information that you could provide in helping us connect with them would be appreciated.

If you have information about any of the following alumni, contact us:
By Phone at 216.368.5758
By Fax at 216.368.3204
Or By E-mail at

Lost Alumni:

  • J. Richard Acomb D.D.S., '41
  • Armand E. Affricano, D.D.S., '58
  • Robert Don Anderson, D.D.S., '78
  • William T. Bell, Jr., D.D.S., '70
  • Robert R. Brady, D.D.S., M.S., '63
  • Russell D. Bulchak, D.D.S., '64
  • Thomas C. Chamberlin, D.D.S., '73
  • Samuel S. Ellen, D.D.S. '35
  • Brian Feldman, D.D.S., '98
  • Joseph D. Firak, D.D.S. 78
  • Michael Gold, D.D.S., '64
  • Mustafa H. Jabah, D.D.S., M.S.D., '84
  • Viktors Kalnins, D.D.S., '61
  • Malcolm R. Kest, D.D.S. '65
  • Philip Leifer, D.D.S. '39
  • George Yuen H. Liu, D.D.S., '62
  • Chung-Yiu Lung, D.D.S. '74
  • John W. Mc Cartney, D.D.S., '67
  • Mohammad Bagher Moozeh, D.D.S., M.S.D., '80
  • Denise Moron, D.D.S., M.S.D., '86
  • William T. Neale, D.D.S., '74
  • Choon Lim Ong, D.D.S., '56
  • Karen L. Pepper, D.D.S. '91
  • Chris B. Purdy, D.D.S., '86
  • Capt. Alexander Sanderson, D.D.S., '56
  • Mihaela A. Savu, D.M.D., '07
  • Geoffrey Smith, D.D.S., '86
  • Patricia Staskowski, D.D.S., '86
  • Roger O. Stern, D.D.S., '50
  • Charles Clinton Taylor, Jr., D.D.S. '32
  • Chen-Wen Tseng, M.S.D., '91
  • Franklin E. Wharton, D.D.S., '53
  • Hsin-Hsin Wu, M.S.D., '98

Last Updated: October 26, 2020

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