Comprehensive Care

Dr. Leonardo Marchini, Chair
Leonardo Marchini

Dr. Marchini is Professor and Chair of the Department of Comprehensive Care at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. 

Dr. Marchini's current research focus includes geriatric dentistry and patient satisfaction with dental treatments. Dr. Marchini is also interested in researching the best way to teach dentistry, with particular interest in geriatric dentistry. He has published seven textbooks, 16 book chapters and 170+ peer-reviewed articles.

Sim Clinic

The Department of Comprehensive Care at Case Western Reserve School of Dental Medicine houses clinical aspects of the DMD program and the Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program (AEGD). The department is responsible for the predoctoral education of fixed-, removable-, and implant prosthodontics, occlusion, biomaterials, operative dentistry, and the DMD Comprehensive Care Clinical Activities. During the course of their four years of dental education, DMD students will participate in didactic courses, hands-on preclinical simulation courses, and clinical training in general dentistry.

Clinical Experiences in the REAL Curriculum

During the course of their clinical education, students learn to practice evidence-based dentistry by evaluating the literature, critically appraising new medical knowledge and therapies, and applying that information to provide the best oral health care for their patients. Dental students have an opportunity to have early clinical experiences by providing preventative and periodontal treatment in their 1st and 2nd years of dental school.  In their 3rd and 4th years of dental school, students participate in a clinical competency-based program in which they treat patients in our clinic and on clinical rotations to specialty clinics and community based clinical facilities.  The School of Dental Medicine DMD Comprehensive Care Clinic is divided into general dental practices called Preceptor Groups.

Comprehensive Care Preceptor Program

Woman observing a clinic patient.

The Preceptor program is the longest standing Comprehensive Care program in the country. Started in 1967, this program emulates a general dental private practice. Under the guidance of their Preceptor, students learn to:

  • review/update  medical, dental, and social histories
  • collect diagnostic data (clinical examinations, digital radiographic imaging, etc…)
  • consult with specialists
  • develop and sequence treatment plans
  • present treatment plans to their patient
  • provide preventive and restorative treatment

Department News

Winter CE Course—Feb. 18, 2022

Register for the Winter CE Course being held on Feb. 18 beginning at 7 a.m. in Samson Pavilion. Admission will be $150, benefitting the Department of Comprehensive Care. Donations are always encouraged and appreciated. 

Ohio Dental Association Presentation - Adverse Event Decision Making and the Clinical Challenges

Dr. Rossoff

Dr. Rossoff presented a lecture about Adverse Event Decision Making and the Clinical Challenges during the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Ohio Dental Association in September. The lecture was very well received and attendees were very interested in the topic and the discussion it prompted. It has been recommended that Dr. Rossoff present it to a larger audience, due to the importance of the theme.
Congratulations, Dr. Rossoff!


Dental medicine’s Ronald L. Occhionero retires after 58 years

Ronald Occhionero

In popular culture, it’s a feat to be well known by one name. Yet at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, one faculty member managed to build an impressive reputation on just one letter: Known to decades of students, staff and faculty as “Dr. O,” Professor Emeritus and Former Associate Dean for Administration Ronald L. Occhionero recently retired from the university after 58 years of service.

When Occhionero arrived at CWRU in 1964, he brought with him a vision—and just three years later, he founded the Department of Comprehensive Care. Initially known as the Preceptor Program, the department established a new paradigm in clinical dental education which has persisted in the school for 55 years.

“We are extremely proud of the significant contributions made by Dr. Occhionero to our dental school, the university and the profession of dentistry,” said Dean Kenneth Chance. “He is truly iconic.”