Happy Valentine's Day to our Case Couples!

Vig Khanuja

Vinson Vig, DDS, MSD (DEN ‘94, ‘97) met Ashoo Khanuja, DDS, MD (DEN ‘95, ‘98) while they were both dental students at CWRU School of Dental Medicine in 1991. Dr. Khanuja went on to receive her Oral Surgery degree from CWRU in 2000, while Dr. Vig completed his Endodontics degree from CWRU in 1997. 

Dr. Vig is currently practicing at Southwest Endodontics and Periodontics with fellow CWRU dental school alumni Dr. Joong Hahn, Dr. Hui-Jin Lee and Dr. John Estemalik. Vig also spends every Tuesday volunteering in the School of Dental Medicine Endodontic Clinic. Dr. Khanuja is in practice at the Clinic for Cosmetic and Maxillofacial Surgery. Drs. Vig and Khanuja enjoy volunteering, traveling and being part of their community. It’s still a question of who chased whom, but the two have been happily married for 27 years and are enjoying life with their 3 children.

Hahn Lee

Joong Hee Hahn, DDS, MSD (DEN ‘90, ‘92) met Hui-Jin Lee, DDS, MSD (DEN ‘92, ‘95) after Dr. Hahn’s first year of dental school and Dr. Lee’s second year of undergraduate school in 1986 at the Greenhouse. Dr. Hahn fondly recalls helping Dr. Lee with her application to dental school while they were dating. The two were married in 1990. Dr. Hahn opened his practice after graduating in 1992 with his Endodontics degree from CWRU, and Dr. Lee soon joined as co-owner after graduating with her Periodontics degree in 1995. They have been practicing at Southwest Endodontics and Periodontics in the same location in Broadview Heights, Ohio, since 1998. 

Drs. Hahn and Lee enjoy sharing their passion for dentistry with their daughter, Jenna, who is a third-year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania. Hahn and Lee are preparing for their 7th mission trip to Bolivia, providing dental care to the Bolivian community. They are both steadfast supporters of their graduate programs and stated they feel strongly about giving back to the school that gave them both so much.

Kurt and Caroline

Caroline (Kaiser) Kacer, DMD (DEN ‘06) and Kurtis Kacer, DMD, MSD (DEN ‘06, ‘09) met in their first year at the School of Dental Medicine. Caroline needed help moving a refrigerator and offered Kurt a homemade meal if he would help. He said “yes” and they have been “in love ever since,” shares Caroline. The two married during their fourth year of dental school. Following graduation, they lived apart for two years completing their dental education pursuits.

Today, they own and operate three practices specializing in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontia services, and general dentistry in Tucson, Arizona. This year they celebrate 19 years of marriage, and they have a daughter, Grace, who turned 10 in December. 

Mamie Chan

Maemie M. Chan, DMD (DEN ‘09) and David E. Hudec, Jr., DMD (DEN ‘11) met David’s first year at a Delta Sigma Delta Dental Fraternity meeting, where Maemie, a D3, served as the Vice President. Following graduation, Maemie went on to practice dentistry. Two years later, David joined the U.S. Navy. “We stayed in touch throughout David’s schooling and naval tour, began dating long-distance his last year, and got engaged,” shares Dr. Chan. Upon David’s return to the Cleveland area, they each opened their own practices and married in 2016.

Today, the two practice together in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, and have two sons—three-year-old Andrew and 12-month-old Adam. Maemie and David will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary this year.