Inaugural Staff Retreat

The inaugural School of Dental Medicine Staff Retreat was held on Thursday, May 23, in Samson Pavilion.

Staff Retreat Introductions

After breakfast, a representative from each department introduced themselves and shared some highlights from their team to foster community and connection within the school.

Puzzle Piece Mural

During the introductions, representatives added their 'puzzle pieces' to complete a visual representation of how all the departments work together, and listeners completed a bingo card with fun facts shared by presenters.

Engagement Activity

Later on, attendees also participated in an engagement activity designed to create new connections with other staff members while sharing interesting details about their lives with one another. 





"I'm thrilled that Dean Chance supported out first staff retreat. I'm so encouraged that all the departments are represented and everyone is getting the opportunity to get to know each other—and find out who else works in our school!" —Heidi McKee, department assistant for the Department of Endodontics