Comprehensive Care Faculty/Staff

Comprehensive Care Directory


Name Phone Email
Dr. Hussein Assaf, Professor 216.368.6759
Dr. Palma Freydinger, Assistant Professor
Dr. Angela Graves, Assistant Professor 216.368.2162
Dr. Roma Jasinevicius, Associate Professor 216.368.2237
Dr. Tania Markarian, Assistant Professor 216.368.2486
Dr. Jay Resnick, Associate Professor
Dr. Fabio Antonio Piola Rizzante, Assistant Professor 216.368.0230
Dr. Renato Roperto, Interim Chair, Associate Professor 216.368.4777
Dr. Ibrahim Tulunoglu, Associate Professor 216.368.6365
Dr. Russell Wang, Professor 216.368.6716


Name Phone Email
Dr. Mario Alemagno, Instructor 216.368.3819
Dr. Edward D'Alessandro, Assistant Professor 216.368.0214  
Dr. Amy Dubaniewicz, Instructor 216.368.0746
Dr. Cara Fawcett, Instructor 216.368.3864
Dr. Steve Fox, Assistant Professor 216.368.3819  
Dr. Elena Furman, Assistant Professor 216.368.3707  
Dr. Richard Gustaferro, Instructor 216.368.0450  
Dr. Jean Iannadrea, Instructor 216.368.3570  
Dr. Denver Jenkins, Instructor 216.368.6766  
Dr. Jay Joseph, Associate Professor 216.368.3707
Dr. Jerry Kolosionek, Instructor 216.368.0214
Dr. Lawrence Rossoff, Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. James Schneider, Instructor 216.368.0746  
Dr. Eric Smith, Instructor 216.368.3819  
Dr. Michael Zabell, Assistant Professor 216.368.3570


Name Phone Email
Wendy Mather, Department Assistant 216.368.6736
Terri Pitts, Department Assistant/Records 216.368.3260
Grace Vibbert, Director, Business Analytics and Process Improvement 216.368.5009

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