Caries Disparities in Primary Care Settings (UH2/UH3)


The Caries Disparities in Primary Care Settings Study is currently in the pilot phase. This study will conduct pilot-testing in two practices to prepare for a clinical trial of oral health interventions within pediatric practices. Provider (behavioral) and Practice (implementation) level interventions will be pilot tested to guide and refine the protocol for the clinical trial. The provider level intervention is based on the Common-Sense Model of Self-Regulation (CSM) and the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT). The practice level intervention is based on Diffusion of Innovation Theory.


The provider level intervention will be Common-Sense Model of Self-Regulation (CSM)-based education and skills training for the pediatrician to communicate core oral health facts to parent/caregiver and provide a written prescription to take the child to the dentist, together with a list of area dentists accepting Medicaid. The practice level intervention will be enhancements to the EMR system to include oral health and practice facilitators to provide audit with rapid-cycle feedback to providers and practices to adopt systematic EMR documentation for quality improvement and follow-up with parent at well-child visits.