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Call for Papers - Inamori International Thesis Prize for the Best Thesis on an Issue Concerning Military Ethics 

In 2018, the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) decided to establish an annual prize for the best thesis in military ethics, inspired by a similar prize offered by the esteemed Euro-ISME (International Society for Military Ethics, Eurpean Chapter) organization. The Euro-ISME Thesis Prize is available to all eligible European students, so the Inamori International Thesis Prize will be open to all non-European students.


The aims of the prize are to promote the involvement in the study and application of Military Ethics. In order to improve the accessibility of the field of Military Ethics in languages other than English, the Inamori Center will publish the winning theses in at least two non-English languages. Two winners will be chosen each year. Both will have the opportunity to make a presentation on their winning thesis at the annual Euro-ISME conference in Europe, and the first place winner will receive funding from the Inamori Center to travel to the conference, while the second place winner will receive a $500 stipend. More details on the prizes are below.


The aims of the prize are:


  • To promote an active involvement in the study & application of Military Ethics, including Just War Theory, the Conduct of War, the Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC), International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and other related fields, including the study of human rights issues in the context of armed conflict,
  • To promote participation at Euro-ISME annual conferences and engagement with the Military Ethics program at CWRU;
  • To promote the Inamori Center as a relevant player in the field of military ethics;
  • To publish the winning theses as a paper copy and online in multiple languages, to promote global discussion of pressing issues in Military Ethics.


Applications are encouraged by:


  • Graduate students or Professional students (including law or medical students, etc.) studying for their degree at any accredited college or university or military service academy or war college (or similar),
  • Non-European students, either military or civilian. (European students are not eligible but are strongly encouraged to submit to the annual Euro-ISME thesis prize – please see


Requirements for Thesis:


  • Only theses written at the level of a Master’s Degree, equivalent, or higher are eligible.
  • A thesis shall have a minimum of 7000 words and a maximum of 12,500 words (approximately 25-50 pages, double-spaced).
  • It will need to be submitted in English.
  • The thesis submitted must have been written for a graduate or professional-level program either in the current academic year or during one of the three previous academic years. Older theses will not be considered.
  • A submission on any topic of ethical concern to the military will be considered, including but not limited to military ethics, war studies, security studies, cyber warfare, military history, and other corollary topics. There must be a strong ethical theme/argument in the thesis for it to be considered for the prizes.


Deadline for Submission:

March 22, 2019


Contact Email: 

(ATTN: Dr. Laura Mekhail)


The Jury


The jury will consist of experts in the fields of military ethics, philosophy, law, and history, offering a combination of field experience (the practitioner’s perspective) and the academia (the theoretical perspective). The chair of the jury will be held by Prof. Shannon E. French, who is the Inamori Professor in Ethics and Director of the Inamori Center and CWRU’s Master’s Degree program in Military Ethics (please see


Winners will receive:


The first prize consists of:

  • The opportunity to present on the thesis at Euro-ISME’s annual conference,
  • Reasonable travel and hotel costs to attend Euro-ISME’s annual conference, up to $2000 USD (the 2019 conference will be in Vienna, Austria, May 22-24, 2019),
  • The opportunity to publish the thesis, and
  • A commemorative plaque.

The second prize consists of:

  • Prize money of $500 USD,
  • The opportunity to present on the thesis at Euro-ISME’s annual conference (the 2019 conference will be in Vienna, Austria, May 22-24, 2019),
  • The opportunity to publish the thesis, and
  • A commemorative plaque.

Call for Papers - International Journal of Ethical Leadership (IJEL)

The International Journal of Ethical Leadership

International Journal of Ethical Leadership (IJEL) is an academic journal that expands the interdisciplinary, international conversation on what ethical leadership requires, published by the University of Akron Press in partnership with the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University.

  • IJEL is an annual journal that serves to advance critical discussions of the importance and key elements of ethical leadership.

  • The journal is broad in scope, accepting submissions from academic, professional, and lay perspectives. Previously published works will also be considered for submission, if the prior publisher grants permission. 

We are looking for articles (2-5,000 words) that have relevance to theoretical and practical approaches to ethical leadership from diverse perspectives.

Submissions must be received by March 15, 2019. Please send all inquiries and submissions to Dr. Laura Mekhail (

The Inamori Ethics Prize 10th Anniversary Essay Contest Winners Announced!

The Inamori Ethics Prize celebrates and illustrates ethical leadership in all its forms, across a range of human endeavors. Students were asked to select the current or one of the former recipients of the Inamori Ethics Prize and explain how and why their ethical leadership inspired them. 

Undergraduate Student Winners

1st Place: Grace Zhang, "Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future" 

2nd Place: Jack Zhao, "Dr. Denis Mukwege"

Graduate Student Winners

1st Place: Elizabeth Shay, "Lessons from Dr. Mukwege in Ethical Leadership"

2nd Place: Joshua Gerlick,  "Behold the Contrarian: A Consideration of Yvon Chouinard"

Dr. French's Appearance on The Dead Prussian: A Podcast about War and Warfare

The host of The Dead Prussian podcast, Mick Cook, speaks with Dr. Shannon French about her current research, her book The Code of the Warrior, and a discussion of the "importance of ethical codes to warrior cultures and how it assists societies in dealing with the impact of war." To listen to the interview, click here

Dehumanizing the Enemy - The Intersection of Neuroethics and Military Ethics

French, Shannon and Jack, Anthony. “Dehumanizing the Enemy - The Intersection of Neuroethics and Military Ethics.” Responsibilities to Protect: Perspective in Theory and Practice. Ed. David Whetham and Bradley J. Strawser. Leiden: Brill Nijhoff, 2015, 169-195. 

Moral Psychology Research Group with Dr. Tony Jack

Watch Dr. Tony Jack, Daryl Cameron, assistant professor of psychology and research associate in the Rock Ethics Institute, Walter Sinnott-Armstong from Duke University, and Joshua Greene from Harvard University discuss the Moral Brain as part of the Moral Psychology Research Group Conference 2017 at Penn State.