Prize Selection Process

2023 Stage for the Inamori Ethics Prize

Nominations and Initial Research

  • Nominations for the Inamori Ethics Prize are accepted on a rolling basis. The online form is the preferred method of nomination. However, nominations can also be also received via letter, email, or in discussion with the Inamori Center.
  • In absence of a nominee having readily available biographical information online, such as a Wikipedia profile, Inamori Center student associates research each nominee and create a brief biography. Student associates include undergraduate and graduate students at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). 
  • Each nominee is reviewed by the Inamori Center director for selection as an official nominee for the Prize. The Inamori Center maintains a database of nominations, including demographic information for each nominee. 
  • Biographies created by the student associates are submitted by the Inamori Center to Wikipedia for publication, regardless of individual’s selection as a nominee for the Prize, in order to increase awareness of ethical leaders.

Selection: Phase 1 - Advisory Board Review and the nominees

  • Annually, the Inamori Center curates a list of nominees from the database for review by the Inamori Center Advisory Board. In some years, the Advisory Board reviews the entire database of nominees.
  • The Advisory Board reviews and discusses each nominee with the Inamori Center in an effort to reduce the total number of nominees on the initial list. The next version of the nominee list is referred to as the “provisional semi-finalists” list.

Selection: Phase 2 - Inamori Affiliates Survey and the provisional semi-finalists

  • The list of provisional semi-finalists is shared with Inamori Affiliates for them to vote on their favorites. Inamori Affiliates include: 
    • students, faculty, and staff at Case Western Reserve University and other domestic and international institutions of higher education; 
    • Inamori Center local and global partners; 
    • Inamori Center Research Associates; and 
    • Inamori Center Advisory Board members.

Selection: Phase 3 - The Big Meeting and the semi-finalists

  • The Inamori Center reviews the survey results to create a list of semifinalists based on the number of votes received for each individual. 
  • The Big Meeting convenes an ad hoc group of Inamori Affiliates (in person and online) to discuss and debate each semifinalist for consideration for the Inamori Ethics Prize. The Inamori Center director serves as the moderator for this discussion and manages feedback with the aim of  reducing the total number of semifinalists. The next version of the nominee list is referred to as the “provisional finalists” list.

Selection: Phase 4 - KSL Librarian Research and the provisional finalists

  • The list of provisional finalists is reviewed by research librarians at CWRU’s Kelvin Smith Library (KSL). The goal of this phase of research is to identify any key details that were not part of the biographical information already reviewed about each individual. 
  • Based on KSL’s research, the Inamori Center creates a list of finalists, which may, or may not, involve removing some provisional finalists from consideration. This last version of the nominee list is referred to as the “finalists” list. 

Selection: Phase 5 - CWRU Leadership Review and the finalists

  • The Inamori Center prepares a comprehensive report on the finalists for review by the CWRU president and provost.
  • The Inamori Center director and associate director meet with the CWRU president and provost to review the report and research. From this discussion, a top finalist is selected and then invited by the Inamori Center director to accept the Inamori Ethics Prize. Nominees who are not selected remain eligible for the prize in subsequent years.