Inamori Affiliates

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Inamori Research Fellows

  • Kenneth Schall, Majors: Political Science and Philosophy
  • Sydney Warinner, 2L CWRU School of Law

Inamori Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Military Ethics

Previous Visiting Scholars

Inamori Research Associates

Inamori Senior Research Associates

  • Tony Jack, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Neurosciences, Neurology, CWRU
  • Maxwell Mehlman, Professor of Law, CWRU: biomedical enhancements and military bioethics
  • Michael ScharfProfessor of Law, CWRU, Co-Dean School of Law: international law, war crimes, and foreign policy
  • David Livingstone Smith, Professor of Philosophy, University of New England: interface between evolutionary biology and human nature 
  • Lynn Underwood: moral psychology