Inamori Affiliates

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Inamori Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Military Ethics

Previous Visiting Scholars

Inamori Research Associates

  • Justin Ames, Assistant Professor, Business Policy and Strategy, University of Michigan: corporate social responsibility, leadership
  • Nikki Coleman, Royal Australian Air Force: military ethics and moral psychology
  • Nolen Gertz, Assistant Professor of Applied Philosophy, University of Twente, The Netherlands: ethics
  • Laura Graham, Honors Attorney U.S. Department of Justice: international humanitarian law and Yemen's civil war
  • Dr. Jonathan A. French Flint: strategy, military ethics
  • Maysan Haydar: Assistant Professor, History, CWRU: twentieth century immigration and acculturation patterns by peoples from Muslim-majority countries, military history, and Islamic and Middle Eastern history
  • Daniel Rosiak: Sheaf theory; ethics of AI/emerging technologies

    Inamori Senior Research Associates