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Inamori Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Military Ethics

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2024: Prof. Valerie Morkevičius: Valerie Morkeviċius is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Colgate University. Her work focuses on the intersection between strategy and ethics, and the applicability of traditional just war thinking to contemporary challenges. She is the author of Realist Ethics: Just War Traditions as Power Politics (Cambridge 2018). She has published in journals such as Ethics and International Affairs, Journal of Military Ethics, and International Studies Quarterly. Her most recent research explores the ethical implications of disinformation and artificial intelligence. 

Previous Visiting Scholars



Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar 

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2023- 2024: Émile Torres

  • Quantum Computing Initiative - Cleveland Clinic
  • Embodied Robotics for Remote Operations - Human Fusions Institute - Office of Naval Research
  • CONCERT - Fieldable Solutions for Hemorrhage with bio-Artificial Resuscitation Products (FSHARP) Program -  Bio-inspired Engineering for Advanced Therapies (BEAT) Laboratory
    Defense Advanced Research Program Agency

Inamori Research Associates

  • Justin Ames, Assistant Professor, Business Policy and Strategy, University of Michigan: corporate social responsibility, leadership
  • Donald Carrick: military ethics and medical military ethics
  • Nikki Coleman, Royal Australian Air Force: military ethics and moral psychology
  • Jonathan A. French Flint: strategy, military ethics
  • Nolen Gertz, Assistant Professor of Applied Philosophy, University of Twente, The Netherlands: ethics
  • Laura Graham, Honors Attorney U.S. Department of Justice: international humanitarian law and Yemen's civil war
  • Maysan Haydar: Assistant Professor, History, CWRU: twentieth century immigration and acculturation patterns by peoples from Muslim-majority countries, military history, and Islamic and Middle Eastern history
  • Daniel Rosiak: Sheaf theory; ethics of AI/emerging technologies

    Inamori Senior Research Associates