Spring 2024 Funding

Funding for GELS Members

GELS members are invited by the Inamori Center to apply for a spring funding grant to help support an experiential learning project that relates to their development as an ethical leader and a responsible global citizen. See here for some previously funded project examples.

The Inamori Center is pleased to offer GELS members the opportunity to apply for funding focused on research or service projects in your local community or the global community between January through mid-May 2024. Most (though not all) past projects have involved students working with an established organization. 

Projects should be completed by November 14th and will require require a final report. The final report should be roughly 700-1000 words and suitable for sharing and posting on our website. A GELS GB meeting in Fall 2024 will be dedicated to informal presentations from GELS members with Spring 2024 funding.

Proposal Requirements

  1. a personal introduction,
  2. the purpose and/or rationale of the project,
  3. the project's relation to ethics or ethical leadership:
    • how your research or service efforts will help you to join the global conversation and seek or contribute to sustainable strategies for problems plaguing humanity;
    • how you see issues concerning ethics and flourishing that intrigue you;
    • how you will learn more and maybe even be of some help, without being a distraction, hindrance, or unintentionally interfering with better-informed local efforts; and 
    • how you will connect to the wider world in a meaningful and respectful way
  4. estimated start and completion dates, 
  5. use of funds for any project purchases, and
  6. how you will integrate your experience into GELS and the CWRU campus community.  


Multiple, individual grants will be awarded and proposals of up to $1000 will be considered. Funds may be retained by the student and/or used toward project investments. Funds are limited, so it is important to design a carefully thought out and well researched project proposal. 50% of funding will be made available at the start of the project. The remaining funding will be made available upon acceptance of the final report. Requests to receive the full funds in advance will be considered upon request.


We strongly encourage your creativity and welcome projects of all sizes. The deadline for proposals is 11:59pm on November, 14, 2023.

Please address any questions to Beth Trecasa, Associate Director for the Inamori Center and GELS Advisor, at bmt5@case.edu