Inamori Center Initiatives

Inamori Center office

The Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence is charged with creating internationally recognized programs and initiatives devoted to ethical inquiry in both its practical and theoretical aspects, and to facilitating the development of future leaders who will, in the words of Dr. Inamori, "serve humankind through ethical deeds rather than actions based on self-interest and selfish desires." To that end, we have sought to lead several large-scale research initiatives that support the advancement of local, national and global leaders who can make the ethical choices needed to protect humankind and the environment.

The Inamori Center offers and sponsors ethics teaching, training, research, and scholarship and collaborates with partners and programs locally and globally with a focus on topics related to:

Ethics and Ethical Leadership

Justice and ValuesMilitary Ethics

Emerging Technologies

The Inamori Center also hosts speakers, symposia, conferences related to these topics and others, as well as participates in similar events.