Funding Opportunities

Carmeron Macaskill attended a program led by Global Youth Connect that focused on conflict resolution and preventing future conflict that deal primarily with human rights.

Research and Service Funding for GELS members

GELS members are often invited to apply for a grant from the Inamori Center to help fund an experiential learning project. These projects have typically involved travel that relates to a student's development as an ethical leader and a responsible global citizen. Some previously funded projects examples:

  • Zach Kloos raised money to build a kindergarten in Nepal, then was able to travel there, personally help with the building, and attend the dedication ceremony for the new school
  • Cameron Macaskill journeyed to Bosnia to study their post-conflict progress towards reconciliation and to compare it to post-Apartheid South Africa
  • Sabina Kumar went to India to research attitudes about poverty and access to basic health care and compare them to those in the U.S.
  • Fynn MacPherson joined a National Peace Academy trip to learn conflict resolution techniques at the Peace University in Costa Rica