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Leadership Deep Dive Program

The Leadership Deep Dive CEO and senior leadership development program at Weatherhead is an intensive nine-day program designed for senior executives from around the world who are seeking new and innovative ways to advance their organizations. Built on Appreciative Inquiry and emotional intelligence—the revolutionary management principles that originated at Weatherhead—Leadership Deep Dive not only changes businesses, it changes lives.

Through this top executive leadership program, you'll explore universal leadership principles that translate across borders into all areas of management and provide participants with a perspective to impact business on a global scale.


February 22, 2019: Integrity Beyond CWRU
Integrity Week Keynote Flyer - Feb 22 2019
Workshop/Lecture Topics
  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Pitfalls to avoid in the race to deploy advanced automated and machine learning systems (“the second mouse gets the cheese”)
    • AI as an option generator
    • The perils of automation bias and bias “baked in” to algorithms
  • Engaging Military Service Members and Veterans in the Workforce
    • How military values and virtues can benefit an organization
    • Recognizing the unique talents and needs of veteran employees
    • Leadership and risk management lessons learned from Military Ethics
  • The Power of Diversity
    • Understanding how complex projects require diverse teams
    • The history of diversity-based problem-solving
    • Bringing talent out of the shadows
  • Ethics and Emerging Tech
    • Military, civilian, and dual-use tech integrating humans and machines
    • New tech as augmentation
    • Where humans belong in the decision loop
  • Command Climate
    • Maintaining a healthy organizational environment
    • Avoiding common forms of command corruption
    • Scapegoats, whistleblowers, and paths of redemption
  • Applying Ethics in Everyday Leadership
    • Principle- vs. consequence-based ethical decision-making
    • When good people do bad things
    • Ethics vs. compliance
  • Character and Leadership
    • Setting standards for integrity across the organization
    • Encouraging moral courage
    • Finding the balance between justice and mercy
  • Maintaining Robust Values in a Global Organization
    • Cultural vs. moral relativism
    • Arguments for universal standards
    • Strategies for transparency and consistency
  • The Inamori Philosophy
    • “Do the right thing as a human being”
    • Focus on the flourishing and recognition of employees
    • Make products/services that serve humankind