Corporate Ethics

Workshop/Lecture Topics in Corporate Ethics – Prof. Shannon E. French

  • Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Pitfalls to avoid in the race to deploy advanced automated and machine learning systems (“the second mouse gets the cheese”)
    • AI as an option generator
    • The perils of automation bias and bias “baked in” to algorithms
  • Engaging Military Service Members and Veterans in the Workforce
    • How military values and virtues can benefit an organization
    • Recognizing the unique talents and needs of veteran employees
    • Leadership and risk management lessons learned from Military Ethics
  • The Power of Diversity
    • Understanding how complex projects require diverse teams
    • The history of diversity-based problem-solving
    • Bringing talent out of the shadows
  • Ethics and Emerging Tech
    • Military, civilian, and dual-use tech integrating humans and machines
    • New tech as augmentation
    • Where humans belong in the decision loop
  • Command Climate
    • Maintaining a healthy organizational environment
    • Avoiding common forms of command corruption
    • Scapegoats, whistleblowers, and paths of redemption
  • Applying Ethics in Everyday Leadership
    • Principle- vs. consequence-based ethical decision-making
    • When good people do bad things
    • Ethics vs. compliance
  • Character and Leadership
    • Setting standards for integrity across the organization
    • Encouraging moral courage
    • Finding the balance between justice and mercy
  • Maintaining Robust Values in a Global Organization
    • Cultural vs. moral relativism
    • Arguments for universal standards
    • Strategies for transparency and consistency
  • The Inamori Philosophy
    • “Do the right thing as a human being”
    • Focus on the flourishing and recognition of employees
    • Make products/services that serve humankind


February 22, 2019: Integrity Beyond CWRU

Integrity Week Keynote Flyer - Feb 22 2019