Dr. Kazuo Inamori (1932 - 2022)

Dr. Inamori

Dr. Kazuo Inamori was truly extraordinary and an inspirational human being who made the world a better place with his wisdom and altruistic philosophy. His contributions as an engineer, a leader, an author, a speaker, and a benevolent philanthropist will continue to have a tremendous positive impact, locally and globally. Dr. Inamori served the greater good of humankind and society and his legacy will endure.

The Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence at Case Western Reserve University was established in 2007 with thanks to Dr. Inamori’s vision and generosity from the Inamori Foundation of Kyoto, Japan. We are perpetually grateful to Dr. Inamori and our colleagues at The Inamori Foundation for our partnership and shared philosophies. Together, we help people live ethical lives and create a more ethical world.