In 2016, Mary E. Kerr, Phd, RN, FAAN, then-dean and May L. Wykle Professor, created the school's Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Its purpose was to lead the development of diversity and inclusion strategic plan for the school. The committee's work began with the collection and review of strategic plans from private and public schools of nursing to educate all committee members on definitions, scope, activities, and outcomes of diversity and inclusion efforts at peer institutions.

At the same time, the committee invited Marilyn S. Mobley, PhD, the university's vice president for inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity, to educate the group on her work on behalf of the University. Dr. Mobley leads the Office of Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity (OIDEO) and its mission to promote equitable and fair treatment in employment, education and other aspects of campus life.


The Diversity and Inclusion Committee at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing works to promote diversity and inclusion among students, staff and faculty using principles of mutual respect, and open communication. Diversity is the array of differences, both visible and invisible, that may affect human interaction. As we work to become more diverse, we embrace our differences, which add value and advance the goals and objectives for the School of Nursing.


The committee values diversity and inclusion. Diversity is the spice in thought, speech, and action, from which we can learn about our respective differences and support the expression of brave ideas that reach beyond the norm. It is important that students, staff, and faculty exhibit accountable behaviors that demonstrate integrity and ownership. We will celebrate our accomplishments and the cultural heritage of those represented in our community.


The committee's vision is to create the best environment in which students, staff and faculty work, learn and share diverse ideas and where all members of the school feel proud, safe and valued.