Preceptor Program

General Information

APRN Program Clinical Preceptors

A clinical preceptor for an APRN student (nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or nurse anesthetist) provides guidance to help students develop appropriate skills and clinical judgment in assessment, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment of patients in clinical settings during a designated time frame. A preceptor is also responsible for evaluating the performance of the student's ability to fulfill predetermined clinical objectives.

The clinical preceptor displays the following characteristics:

  • Is an interested, experienced individual who supports the expanded role of the nurse.
  • Is physically present in the clinical situation with adequate time for consultation and works on a one-on-one basis with the student.
  • Is committed to the concept of the team approach in the delivery of health care services.
  • Is responsive to the needs of the student.
  • Facilitates achievement of the student practicum objectives by identifying learning experiences for the student including assistance in patient selection, conferences, rounds, agency meetings, and encourages the student’s participation in these learning experiences.
  • Reviews all patient-related findings of the student on an ongoing basis to assure accuracy, appropriateness of referrals, and that documentation is complete and co-signed.
  • Conferences with the student as necessary to assess progress and learning needs.
  • Conferences with the instructor in the MSN program whenever there is a concern regarding the student’s clinical performance.
  • Evaluates the student’s performance during and at the completion of the practicum and/or rotation.
  • Reviews student's general performance on a pass/fail scale.

Preceptor Benefits

In appreciation for your preceptorship, the administration and faculty of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing wish to express gratitude by offering the following benefits:

  • Tuition Support: For each semester that the preceptor has a student in the clinical area, s/he is eligible for tuition support of one-third the cost for one non-clinical course, up to 1 credit hour. The course should be taken within two semesters of the preceptorship. Contact Preceptor Coordinator for more information.
  • Library Access: Preceptors are offered library access to all the libraries at Case Western Reserve University for the duration of the contract period, reviewable every year. To access the library system through the internet, a CWRU ID is required. To obtain a CWRU ID and information on downloading the VPN for internet library access, notify Preceptor Coordinator and include a non-CWRU email address and your date of birth with your request.
  • Free computer and technology-related classes at the Kelvin Smith Library. Topics include PowerPoint, Access/Excel, Dreamweaver, Desktop publishing, making a web page, writing blogs, using facebook, navigating electronic information, etc. The schedule is available at Click on "course schedule" on the right. Courses are free, but there is a charge if you register and do not attend. Contact Preceptor Coordinator for more information.
  • Awards for Excellence in Precepting: Each year, a preceptor is selected by students to receive an award for excellence in precepting at commencement in May.

Thank you for all your work with the students.

Preceptor Objectives

Course syllabi will be available from precepted student, course faculty, or Preceptor Coordinator"


Preceptor Coordinator