Preceptors FAQs

How do I access my tuition discount for precepting?

Contact Dedra Hanna Adams in the Office of Student Services at 216.368.0517.

She will have the information regarding your precepted hours and will provide the information you need to register at the discounted rate.

How do I get internet access to the CWRU Library system?

Provide the preceptor coordinator with your birthdate and a non-CWRU email address.

You will get an email with your CWRU ID and password.

Once you have a CWRU ID and password, you'll need to download our VPN. Go online on your own computer and visit

Click the rectangular icon appropriate to Mac or Windows, and enter your CWRU ID and password to download and install VPN. VPN can be installed to as many devices (laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc.) as you need.

It's important to note that while VPN only needs to be installed one time per machine, it is not active on any given day/session until you sign-in/connect to it that day/session.

How do I get credit for precepted hours?

After the end of the semester (June for Spring, September for Summer, January for Fall), you will receive an official certificate from the school with your precepted hours. The certificate will either be sent by snail mail to your home or work address or sent by email. Please let the clinical preceptor coordinator know if you have a preference for how you receive your certificate. If you need your certificate immediately after the student has finished his or her hours, please contact the Preceptor Coordinator.