Master of Nursing Degree Requirements

Nursing students in class at the Health Education Campus at Case Western Reserve University.

Timeframe for Completion of Degree

  • The MN curriculum is two years in length. The curriculum must be completed within 4 years of initial enrollment.
  • Please refer to the websites of the Master of Science in NursingDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and PhD in Nursing programs for information regarding time frame for completion of those degrees
  • Records of students who do not complete the program within the specified timeframe will be re-evaluated in terms of the curriculum in effect at the time of review. The student may be required to take additional course work to graduate.

For students with experience in the armed forces of the United States, or in the National Guard or in a reserve component, the MN or BSN program will (a) Review the individual's military education and skills training; (b) Determine whether any of the military education or skills training is substantially equivalent to the curriculum established in Chapter 4723-5 of the Ohio Administrative Code; and (c) Award credit to the individual for any substantially equivalent military education or skills training. (In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 4723-5)

Progression in the Program

Satisfactory Academic Standing

‌To maintain satisfactory academic standing, students enrolled for the pre-licensure (Master of Nursing-MN) component of the Graduate Entry Nursing Program must attain and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. C, the lowest passing grade, is viewed as borderline performance. An overall GPA of 3.0 is required to progress to the MSN program.

If a student’s semester GPA is less than 3.0 or the overall GPA is less than 3.0, the student will be placed on probation and an individualized plan will be developed and documented. The student will be removed from probation when the overall GPA is 3.0 or higher. If the student is on probation for two semesters, the student’s record will be reviewed by the Executive Committee to determine whether extenuating circumstances warrant an additional semester of probation or whether the student should be separated from the program.

When a student receives a grade of F for a required course, the student must register for that course the next semester in which the course is available. MN students who receive two failing grades indicating unsatisfactory performance (F, NP, or U) in required courses will be excluded from FPB. Progression from one semester to the next in the Master of Nursing program is contingent upon passing grades in all courses taken in the preceding semester.

The grade of Incomplete (I) can only be assigned by the discretion of the instructor when: 1) There are extenuating circumstances, explained to the instructor before the assignment of the grade, which clearly justifies an extension of time beyond the requirements established for and met by other students in the class, and 2) The student has been passing the course and only an evaluative component of the course, such as a term paper, final exam, or project remains to be completed. The “Arrangement to Resolve a Grade of Incomplete” form must be completed prior to the end of the semester, or the instructor may assign a grade of U or F. The instructor shall enter a final evaluative grade if, and when the completed work has been submitted. A grade of Incomplete must be removed by the 11th week of the semester following the one in which the courses were taken. If the student does not complete the required work by the date established, the Registrar will convert the Incomplete to an F when the deadline for completion has passed. Students may not sit in the same course in a later semester to complete the work required for the original course. Please see the University lncomplete Policy.

Please refer to the Master of Science in NursingDoctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and PhD in Nursing program websites for policies regarding progression in those programs.

Approval of RN Licensure Applications

The School of Nursing has the right to determine a student's readiness to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam and also reserves the right to restrict testing until the student demonstrates a readiness to pass the examination.

In order to have the "Program Completion" section of the application for RN licensure approved by the Program Director, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have been awarded the Master of Nursing (MN) degree.
  2. Demonstrate readiness to take the NCLEX-RN© examination by achieving at least a minimum score on a faculty-selected, standardized NCLEX-RN© predictor exam.


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