MN Student Learning Outcomes

A female Case Western Reserve University Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing student in a clinical setting

Quality Improvement

Leads inter professional, culturally-sensitive, and evidence-based initiatives within organizations and systems to continuously improve the safety and quality of healthcare.

Research and Scholarship

Initiates use of theory and research to identify clinical problems or solutions, participates in scientific inquiry, and translates scholarship into practice

Nature of Practice

Assumes the direct and indirect roles and functions of advanced nursing practice to promote health, prevent illness, and improve the health of patients and populations.


Promotes implementation of the full scope of nursing practice and assumes leadership positions in employer, professional, or community organizations at the local/state/national level.


Incorporates ethical principles in complex situations of advanced nursing practice and clinical inquiry.


Collaborates with other health care professionals to initiate intra- and/or interprofessional teams to enhance practice and patient/population health outcomes.


Integrates information, technology, and practice guidelines to promote effective communication among patients and colleagues within health care systems.

Advocacy and Policy Development

Advocates for the development of health and social policy to improve health and practice by community engagement and participating in employer and professional organizations.