Current Legacy Fellows

While nurses improve the lives of individual patients and their families as part of the healthcare system, nurse scientists impact entire patient populations. They redefine practices and policies across healthcare systems and educate the next generation of nurse leaders.

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing seeks to honor this rich history through its Legacy Fellows, which are an elite group of high achieving individuals as demonstrated by their academic performance, research interests, and professional leadership.

Meet some current Legacy Fellows!

Jordan Rieke

Headshot of smiling blonde woman in blue shirt and floral scarf

Name: Jorden Rieke

Hometown: Olmsted Township, OH

Education/Credentials: BSN, RN, CCRN

Research Areas: Type 1 Diabetes

Research Topics: Type 1 Diabetes Self-Management and Diabetes Technology

Advisor: Stephanie Griggs, PhD, RN, FAAN

Why did you choose CWRU?:

CWRU, FPB, and the hospital systems in Cleveland offer a rich network to begin building a program of research in type 1 diabetes self-management.

Quiana Howard

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Name: Quiana Howard

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Education/Credentials: MSN, RN-BC

Research Areas: Cardiovascular Health equity

Research Topics: Type 1 Diabetes Discrimination stress and Cardiovascular Health

Advisor: Stephanie Griggs, PhD, RN, FAAN

Why did you choose CWRU?:

Growing up near Case Western Reserve, I was always aware of its prestigious history, and the presence of highly educated, competitive students. However, I never believed I was capable. I ultimately chose Case because I finally felt confident enough.

Zea Bud

Brunette woman in standing in front of windows smiling

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Education/Credentials: Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, BSN (2021)

Research Areas: Neuroscience and Neurodegeneration

Research Topics: Blood-Based Biomarkers of Traumatic Brain Injury

Advisor: Dr. Grant O’Connell

Why did you choose CWRU?

During my time in the School of Nursing BSN program, I worked in Dr. Andrew Pieper’s lab and loved his work and team of researchers. The nursing school was the perfect fit to stay in the same lab and collaborate with Dr. Grant O’Connell whose lab is part of the FPB Biomarker Core. I was also able to continue my education in the nursing department with a professor I have admired and learned so much from. 

Bethany Armentrout

Headshot of woman in yellow shirt and clear glasses

Name: Bethany Armentrout

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Education/Credentials: Sociology/Criminology from The Ohio State University (2009), ADN Gateway Community College, Phoenix, AZ (2016), BSN Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (2016)

Research Areas: Genetics, omics, gut microbiome

Research Topics: The relationship between the gut microbiome and sleep disturbances in people with cystic fibrosis

Advisor: Eric Barbato

Why did you choose CWRU?

For the faculty and the basic science component

Current Legacy Fellows

  • Quiana Howard
  • Jessica Bingham
  • Keisha Lovence 
  • Zea Bud
  • Shemaine Martin
  • Christine Smothers
  • Jorden Rieke 
  • Bethany Armentrout

Past Legacy Fellows at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

  • Jessica McCullough
  • Megan Foradori
  • Megan Alder
  • Shanell Hill